AP Partners With British Council To Improve Soft Skills Of Students

AP government singed MoU with British Council to train 1 lakh students in English.

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh had entered into a partnership with the British Council to launch a pilot programme to improve the soft skills and employability of 100,000 university and college students in the State.

Last year, the State government invited the British Council to conduct an investigation of the current status of English language teaching and learning in 14 higher education institutions, where in 139 teachers, 672 learners and 90 staff members participated in the programme.

The outcomes of the study suggested that there is a dire need to improve the language proficiency and soft skills of students enrolled in the Higher Education Institutions in Andhra Pradesh.

The British Council would initiate a project that will focus on providing training to students in areas related to spoken English communication, confidence building, better employability, Resume writing and preparation for interviews, which is in line with the State’s vision to transform it into a knowledge hub by developing an ecosystem that is targeted towards youth development and employability.

This pilot project is unique as it offers new and innovative approaches to language learning and assessment, involving flexible, scalable, blended and digital self-access solutions that have been developed, based on an extensive research about the needs of the learners and required parameters of teaching English.

The pilot project offers 150 hours (100 hours of F2F and 50 hours of online English) of blended learning model supplemented with mobile learning and English clubs for continued support to students. This initiative will also include the training of 150 master trainers and 2,500 teachers.

For effective implementation of the project, APSCHE and British Council will evolve a coordinated approach in selecting and training 150 highly qualified master trainers to be trained by the representatives of British Council, who will further train 2,500 teachers selected from all across the State. These 2,500 teachers will further provide Face to Face training to 100,000 students enrolled in AP Higher Education Institutions.

Alan Gemmell, Director, British Council India said, “We will respond to the Chief Minister’s ambitious goals and provide support to the State in improving the educational opportunities and employment skills of the learners.”

The Chief Minister said “Today is an important day for Andhra Pradesh as two key partnerships i.e. one by Kia motors and another by British Council are being signed by the State.”

He reiterated his government’s vision of making Andhra Pradesh the best State in the country by 2029. A major part of this vision entails developing the State into a Knowledge Hub, by strengthening the system of education to produce well- educated youth to enter into various technological fields.

The Chief Minister has asked the British Council to explore other opportunities and partnerships in the field of education and help increase the employability of students in Andhra Pradesh.

The Chief Minister said that there is a serious need to promote other languages too in the State. Apart from Telugu and English as primary and secondary languages, students should be encouraged to learn other languages such as Hindi, Tamil and also take up courses in foreign languages the Chief Minister said.

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