AP Feels the Heat on Ayesha Meiraa��s Case as HC Sits on It

The Andhra Pradesh government is feeling the heat, as the High Court is sitting on the infamous B-Pharmacy student Ayesha Meiraa��s murder case. While acquitting accused P Satyam Babu, the court directs for reinvestigation, and to take disciplinary action against the police officials who misled the investigation.

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh government is in tight spot now with the High Court sitting on the Ayesha Meiraa��s murder case. The Court, having acquitted the accused, directed the government to reinvestigate the case and bring the real culprit to the book.

The court has also directed the government to take action against the police officers responsible for the false investigation and framing of Satyam Babu, who had served over seven years of jail.

The government has constituted a special investigation team (SIT) to be headed by a DIG rank officer and to be monitored by additional director general rank officer. Vijayawada Police Commissioner D Gautam Sawang would now monitor the investigation by the SIT, while the government is yet to name the officer to head it.

However, the court is yet to name the officers who are guilty of misleading the investigation.

If the SIT now finds a new name other than Satyam Babu, the government would have to punish the police officers who have investigated the case in the past for which either the government or the State police was ready.

The government is under pressure from the police department not to take action against the police officers who investigated the case after the girla��s death in December 2007.

The department is not ready to certify and accept its failure in the past and frame its own officers guilty. At the same time, the department is also not prepared to challenge the court by framing Satyam Babu again in the case.

With the court mounting pressure for proper investigation on one side, and the police department mounting pressure not to punish the officers on the other, the state government is facing a tough time.

Thus, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is caught between the devil and the deep sea. Naidu, as leader of opposition who had promised justice to the parents of the girl when the incident occurred, is not prepared to either accept the police framing Satyam Babu as accused and close the case, or can insist on the police to do reinvestigation and find the real culprit, as this amounts to defaming the police department.

Naidu is also not prepared to go back on his promise to the parents, particularly to Ayesha Meiraa��s mother, Shamshad Begum, whom he has supported all through, as she denied the involvement of Satyam Babu and accused the family members of late Koneru Ranga Rao.

It is a known fact that the SIT is only a process to delay the investigation of the case and nothing would come out afresh. For this reason, the girla��s parents are asking for CBI probe or a probe closely monitored by the High Court. As the government has already created the SIT, it has time to seek an excuse from the court on the process of reinvestigation.

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