AP declares Mori as its a�?first digital villagea��

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh has finally hit the national headlines by making a small village in East Godavari district becoming the total digital village. The 1180 households in this village have gone digital with Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu launching the programme on Thursday.

The Chief Minister had launched the fiber grid services in the village as people will go digital for all their transactions including the daily household purchases and drawing monthly pensions. The government could make it a reality turning the entire village into digital-friendly with the help of some NRIs from this village settled in other countries. The women in the village who are members of the Self-Help Groups are now handling their group transactions digitally. The village thus had gone cashless with people making online transactions.

The village is already made open defecation free and equipped with the LED bulbs thus saving energy. Every house in the village has toilets and the open defecation is prohibited. The NRIs and the government have provided 263 toilets for the people to use to avoid open defecation and the government had declared it the 100 per cent ODF village.

Every house in the village has the fiber grid connectivity that would enable them to use internet, watch television and use the telephone provided with the 15 mbbs speed.

The class rooms in the village school have turned digital with the Chief Minister launching them on Thursday.

The Chief Minister had congratulated the villagers for their initiative to make it a smart village and go digital. He also congratulated the NRIs from the village for their partnership in developing the village with digital connectivity. He had asked the people of other villages to draw inspiration from the village and go digital.

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