AP Congress To Release Charge Sheet On Govt Failures On June 8

To be alive in politics and to keep the party alive in the State, the Cogngress is planning to release a charge sheet on the BJP-TDP governments on June 8

Amaravati: The Congress in Andhra Pradesh, in the post-bifurcation scenario, has been trying hard to regain its lost strength. The Congress had suffered heavily and had paid huge price for the bifurcation, though all the parties except the CPI-M, have given letters to the Central government in favour of the bifurcation. However, the process in which the bifurcation was executed and the interests of Seemandhra people that were ignored by the Congress had to face the wrath of the people and pay the price.

Though the parties have been playing the bifurcation issue in their favour, people of the State continue to point an accusing finger at the Congress a�� not for bifurcation but for the manner in which the whole process was carried out. The arrogance that was displayed by the Congress leaders towards the Seemandhra voices and the injustice done to the region have caused serious wounds to the people and they are still afresh. The pain, anger and anguish of the people was reflected in the 2014 elections where the Congress had lost its deposits in every election it had contested right from gram panchayat to the Parliament. It had no representation in the Assembly for the first time and the chances of the party making its first victory in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 are gloomy.

The Congress despite its humiliating defeat has been doing everything to breathe life into the party in the State. The Special Category Status issue has come handy for the party to keep it alive and attract the people. The party had taken up successfully a massive signature campaign in the State and had sent 1 crore signatures to the Prime Minister. The party had also raised the issue in Parliament through a private member bill seeking special category status to the State. The denial of special category status by the BJP-led NDA and the special package in its place is not acceptable to the people, particularly the youth who had high hopes on the employment opportunities if special status is given to the State.

The ruling TDP in the State, which had sought 15 years of special category status to the state during the 2014 elections and had passed resolutions in the Assembly twice seeking it, had gone back and compromised with the special package brought forward by the Modi government. It is under these circumstances, the Congress, to be alive in State politics, is keeping the special category issue alive. The party is now holding a two-day meeting in Vijayawada where it had tried to highlight the issue of Special Category Status demand and sought to remind the people of the promises that the BJP and the TDP have together made at Tirupati, the Vatican of Hindus.

To be alive in politics and to keep the party alive in the State, the Cogngress is planning to release a charge sheet on the BJP-TDP governments on June 8. The Congress says that the BJP-TDP combine have given over 600 promises to the people during the 2014 elections and not a single promise was implemented. The party is set to collect the views of the people from village level and place it before them after consolidating it. It is to be seen how this mega exercise would help the Congress to regain its lost ground in Andhra Pradesh

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