AP Cong To Project Chiranjeevi As CM Candidate In 2019 Elections?

Will the Congress party in AP under the leadership of Chiranjeevi be able to overcome the challenges from YSRCP, TDP, BJP and Jana Sena.

Vijayawada: AP Congress party have realised at last that, only a charismatic leader like Chiranjeevi can pull the cart and save the party whose strength is getting depleted day by day. State congress leaders strongly felt rasta rokos and dharnas are waste of time and energy and they would not help in attracting people with no leader like Chiranjeevi who can attract both masses and class people.

APCC Chief Raghuveera Reddy’s programmes against ruling party could not deliver anything up to the mark, State party leaders felt and expressed the same opinion in the presence of Digvijay Singh, AICC General Secretary, who visited Vijayawada recently.

Congress party under the leadership of APCC chief M. Satyanarayana Rao coupled with mass image of late YSR could win elections and come into power in 2004, and the same magic was repeated in 2009 by YSR with D. Srinivas as APCC President. But the untimely and tragic death of YSR changed the political scenario giving KCR an opportunity to intensify Telangana Statehood movement. The UPA Government yielded to pressure and the State was divided at the end of its term. This resulted in anguish aming the people of AP who pushed aside Congress party with zero seats in 2014 elections.

Scenario is almost the same at present with Congress party unable to encash the anti- incumbency and find a place people’s heart. Cadre is disturbed and leaders are tired and all of them badly need oxygen to lift the party’s morale and bring it back into lime light.

For that to happen, the one and only hope is Chiranjeevi, who is busy in film shootings and TV programmes. Even Chiranjeevi is not showing any interest to participate in party’s agitations or programmes.

Many leaders from Konaseema felt that If Chiranjeevi is announced as CM’s candidate for 2019 elections, damage can be prevented a bit. On the other hand, Chiranjeevi’s brother Pawan kalyan launched Jana Sena and making arrangements in a large scale to contest in 2019 elections.

Kapu leaders and seniors Congress leaders have reportedly decided to approach the party High Command with the proposal of declaring Chiranjeevi the Party’s Chief Ministerial candidate.

According to Primepost.in sources, the Congress leaders will submit a memorandum to the High Command in Delhi in the first week of next month. One has to wait and see whether this proposal will be accepted by the party High Command. Even if it is approved, will the Congress party in AP under the leadership of Chiranjeevi be able to overcome the challenges from YSRCP, TDP, BJP and Jana Sena.

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MY Film After Baahubali, Says Chiranjeevi

Taking inspiration from the stupendous success registered by Baahubal2, the maker of Uyyalavaada Narasimha Reddy with Chiranjeevi playing the lead role are contemplating scaling up the budget and the scope of the film.

Hyderabad: Mega Star Chiranjeevi is confident and pinned hopes on his next project Uyyalavaada Narasimha Reddy which will be made on a mega scale.

Chiranjeevi in response to Baahubali success said it is his comeback film next to Magnum opus Baahubali in Tollywood.
His upcoming 151 flick will be in 3 languages with Hindi dubbed version. Chiranjeevi is eyeing on Bollywood with his 151 flick. Chiranjeevi made his debut in Bollywood with Prathibandh, a remake of Rajasekhar’s Ankusam which was received by Bollywood well at BO. His next film “ Aaj Ka Gundaraj” was an average one and his 3rd film “ Gentleman” disappointed. After seeing the success of Baahubali at Bollywood Chiru wants to enter the Bollywood once again with his 151 flick.

Now the maker of the film wants to increase the budget after hearing news from Chiranjeevi.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Chiranjeevi’s flick title will be changed to touch the audience of North. The rumour was denied by the film makers.

Right now, Chiranjeevi is enjoying as an anchor for ‘Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu’ in MAA TV and the actor clarified that the show will run with second episode and he will carry on the show.

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Subramanian Swamy’s Berates Chiru, NTR and Rajnikanth

The redoubtable BJP MP Dr Subramanian Swamy has fixed opinions on NTR, Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth and their politics.

New Delhi: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy gave analysis on cine stars who entered politics like late NTR and Chiru and about Rajini who appears to have plans to plunge into politics.

His remarks on NTR was a little harsh which really hurts. As per Subramnian Swamy NTR is the worst CM he has ever seen in politics. NTR failed in politics like no one as per MP which really surprised every Telugu person. NTR has the credit of implementing many schemes and he fought for the welfare of the people, but this dig at him really surprises political experts.

Swamy did not leave Chiranjeevi also, another actor/turned-politician. Swamy said Chiranjeevi failed as Union Minister and no one knows what he did as Minister for tourism.

He did not spare Rajinikanth either. He said Rajini is illiterate, unfit for CM’s post of Tamil Nadu. He once again repeated that Rajini is a kanndiga and is inconsistent on his decisions.

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Chiru, Vijayashanti To Pair Up Again?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Vijayashanti are likely to pair up again soon, according to Tollywood sources.

Hyderabad: There was a huge craze in 80’s and 90’s when Chiranjeevi paired up with actress Vijayashanti Their combination has set a trade mark in dances and comic scenes involving each other. This pair tasted success with films like Challenge, Swamyamkrushi, Gang Leader, Kondaveeti Donga etc.

Now, once again the pair has figured in news after makers of Chiru’s 151th film approached Vijayashanthi witha role. As per cine sources, Vijayashanti gave a positive nod for the flick.

Vijayashanti who left film industry some years ago was in politics for a few years in Telangana State and later on moved to Chennai. But she is keen on reentering Tollywood. She has been reportedly focussing on her fitness for a few days.

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Mega Star and Ram Charan celebrates in a grand style., here is the reason

Hyderabad: Mega Star Chiranjeevi with his son Ram Charan celebrated in a typical style without any hungama at his residence in presence of Mega family. This surprised every one and tried to find out the reason for celebrations by media.

Ram Charan produced Chiru’s 150th film under Konidela productions which milted money for the productions.

Konidela productions completed one year on Sunday and as a mark of the event , Mega family celebrated the occasion with Chiranjeevi cutting the cake.

We all know that Chiru’s 151 movie is also under Kondiela productions with Surender reddy as Director.

Chiranjeevi is busy with training of horse riding and sword fights for his 151 movie. Ram Charan is busy with Sukumar’s flick with shoot going on at Kolleru.

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Chiranjeevi Takes It Cool

Chiranjeevi appears to be content with his role in Tollywood and not interested in active politics for now

Hyderabad: Film hero  Chiranjeevi was Mega Star up to 2009, next, he became actor-turned-politician, now he is Rajya Sabha Member and all are waiting to know the what will be his next role in 2019 elections.

Chiranjeevi, though a Member of Rajya Sabha, is not keen on politics at present,  according to his fans. Chiranjeevi skipped recent co-ordination Committee meeting of Congress party held at Vijayawada. His absence gave room to speculations about Chiru’s role in party and some leaders expressed doubts  whether he is still with the party.

But, according to his close aides, Chiru will remain in party but will concentrate on movies rather than politics in near future. Only reason for Chiranjeevi to take this step is that he sees no future for Congress party even in 2019 elections. He doesn’t want to take risk by joining  any other party in the present conditions in AP. His brother Pawan kalyan is busy with Jana Sena and had openly suggested that doors for Chiranjeevi are closed in Jana Sena.

There were rumours that ruling party, the TDP, tried to woo Chiranjeevi. The was opposed  by some senior leaders. After tasting success of Khaidi No 150, Chiranjeevi too changed his mind and fixed his focus on movies up to 2019.

Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha term ends on April, 2018, and surely we are not going to see any magic by this actor-turned-politician till 2019.

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Chiru’s, Venkatesh To Act Together

A delightful moment for both the fans to watch their heroes on the screen

Hyderabad: Tollywood will witness once again a multi-starrer flick, this time in the combination of Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh.

Venkatesh will play a cameo role in Chiranjeevi’s 151th movie titled ‘Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy,’ whose story is based on freedom fighter. It will be directed by Surender Reddy, bankrolled by Ram Charan’s Leo Productions.

Surender Reddy, who gave recent hit to Ram Charan with Dhruva, is confident about the final script which deals with the first freedom fighter of India against the British Rule.

Team approached Victory Venkatesh for a cameo role and got a green signal from him. News will be officially announced when the flick hits the floor which will be in the last week of April.

Venkatesh and Chiranjeevi combination was expected in 1990’s but due to lack of proper script it could not happen. Even in ‘Khadi No 150’, Ram Charan tried for this combination, which failed due to injury to Victory Venkatesh.

A delightful moment for both the fans to watch their heroes on the screen which is slated for 2018 Sankranthi release.

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Chiru’s 151 Movie’s First Look

Hyderabad: Megastar Chiranjeevi gave green signal to the final script of his 151 flick titled Uyyalavaada Narasimha Reddy. Movie in Surender Reddy’s direction deals with the biopic of freedom fighter Uyyalavaada and pre production works are going on.

After his 150th flick, main question has been what should be the next one. His 150th & comeback movie ‘Khaidi No 150’. fared well at BO, but this is all due to Chiru’s craze and audience were eager to see their hero on the screen after a gap of 9 years.

Now that the craze is over, his next flick should be totally different, with sound subject. Chiranjeevi took a lot of time to decide and finalised Uyyalavaada biopic. Paruchuri brothers made some finer changes to the script which suits present era along with biopic of freedom fighter.

Ramcharan will once again bankroll this movie with star and crew yet to be finalised. Chiranjeevi will come up with dual role in this flick too as he did in ‘Khaidi No 150’. Recently a picture is circulating in social media, titled as first look of Uyyalavaada Narasimha Reddy.

It is not clear whether Unit members leaked it to gauge the pulse of fans or any fan sketched it, but it got a positive applaud in social media with 9 hits out of 10.

Many are fixing with this poster as First look of Uyyalavaada Narasimha Reddy, which is slated to hit screens on Sankranthi, 2018.

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Scouting of locations for Chiru#151 begins

Hyderabad: After the stupendous success of ‘Khaidi No. 150’, the prestigious 150th movie of Mega Star Chiranjeevi directed by VV Vinayak, despite a 10-year long gap from the film industry, Chiru realised that films is his popular forte and no one could beat or damage his image.

So, he is getting ready for his next film, i.e., his 151st film. He chose to take up his long awaited subject ‘Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy’, a popular freedom fighter. The film is most likely to go to sets in April and Ram Charan is again planning to produce the movie on the banner of Konidela Productions. The film is basically a periodic film and hence, Ram Charan who had started the pre-production works of the movie is on a location hunt for the film along with a team. Surender Reddy, who had directed Ram Charan’s latest movie ‘Dhruva’ is wielding the mega phone for this periodic movie and this would be the first periodic film of a freedom fighter taken up by the director.

It may be recalled here that Ram Charan too is busy with his upcoming romantic drama to be directed by Sukumar with village in its backdrop. So, once again it is a ride on two boats for Ram Charan like Chiru’s 150 and Dhruva moved simultaneously, this time, Sukumar’s film will go hand in hand with Chiru’s film in the direction of Surender Reddy

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Will Rayalaseema Bless Pawan Kalyan Too?


Anantapur: Will Rayalaseema bless political entry of Pawan?
Rayalaseema, became an ultimate destination for filmy stars to kick start their political careers for the past 33 years in Andhra Pradesh.

The drought-prone area, which is very backward, comprising only 4 districts, has been giving life to all film celebrities who make their political debut.

If we look at the past, late NTR made his entry from Hindupur in 1983, which became a political hub for TDP, which never lost the seat up to now. Balakrishna, son of NTR, contested from the same constituency in 2014 and won the seat. It was in Tirupati that NTR announced his decision to marry Lakshmi Parvati and make her his second wife, the decision that had spelled doom for his political career which ultimately resulted in the revolt staged by his younger son-in-law N Chandrababu Naidu. NTR was divested of the job of chief Minister. Chandrababu Naidu took over as CM in 1995.

Actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi too sought the blessing of R’seema after he launched PRP in 2008. He contested for Assembly from Tirupathi along with Palakollu. Though Coastal Andhra people rejected him, Rayalaseema voters kept Chiranjeevi in their hearts by electing from Tirupathi.

His Brother, Pawan Kalyan, now joins the league. He recently announced his plans to fight in coming elections from Ananthpur district. Sources close to him say, Pawan will contest from Gunthakal constituency, which is a sentiment in two ways. One, its famous temple of Anjaneyaswamy, the deity whom Mega family strongly believes in. Second, the party that wins Gunthakal constituency will form the government in the State.

Important aspect in all these celebrities is that no one belongs to Rayalaseema but they thrived on the sentiment of voters , particularly by promising to solve the problems caused by the drought.

Rayalaseema, which consists of only 4 districts, Ananthpur, Chittor, Kadapa and Kurnool, witnessed leaders of State and national levels. When PV Narasimha Rao had to get elected to Lok Sabha after becoming prime minister without being a Member of Parliament, he chose Nandyala constituency to fight a by-Poll. The then Chief Minister Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy got the MP from Nandyala to resign for the sake of PV. The TDP supremo NTR did not put up a candidate against PV since a Telugu person became a PM. PV won with a record majority.

People of Rayalaseema are destined to decide the future of yet another celebrity politician. Already Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy are representing Kuppam in Chittoor district and Pulivendula in Kadapa district respectively. Both the district are in Rayalaseema region. Rayalaseema calls all the shots in Andhra Pradesh politics. Will it also launch Power Star Pawan Kalyan?

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Why Allu Arjun wore mask in the function

Hyderabad: The Allu Ramalingaiah memorial national award was presented to Dasari Narayana Rao at a function organised by Yuva Kala Vahini at Ravindra Bharati on Wednesday. However, Dasari Narayana Rao who is recuperating at hospital failed to come and Allu Aravind had received the award from the hands of Chiranjeevi on behalf of Dasari Narayana Rao. Of course, all this is old news.

However, there is an interesting thing behind this. Stylish Star Allu Arjun, the grandson of Allu Ramalingaiah, surely attends the function every year. This year also he attended the function. But the interesting thing here is that he wore a mask to his face. There are several versions about the mask in the media. Some say that he wore the mask as he doesn’t want to reveal his look. It may be mentioned here that he is presently doing a dual role in Duvvada Jagannatham (DJ) in Harish Shankar direction.

Everyone knew that he is doing a Brahmin role in the film. But no one knew what the other role is. In order to avoid the reveal of that look he reportedly wore the mask as per one version of the media. On the other hand, there is another version. Allu Arjun reportedly got affected with cold and cough because of the shooting in Abu Dhabi. To avoid the spread of allergy he allegedly wore the mask, say some others. But what is the real reason behind the wearing of the mask is not known to anyone.

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Chiranjeevi to share screen with Bunny

Hyderabad: Stylish Star Allu Arjun has to his credit back to back hits such as Badrinath, Julai, Iddarammayilatho (average), Race Gurram, S/o Satyamurthy, Rudramadevi and Sarrainodu. Now he is coming up with Duvvada Jagannatham (DJ) and the film is being directed by a popular director Harish Shankar and Dil Raju of Sri Venkateswara Cine Creations is producing the movie.

Soon after the completion of the shooting of ‘DJ’, Allu Arjun would join the sets of another film to be directed by debutant director Vakkantham Vamsi, who gave scripts for several hit films of Allu Arjun. Lagadapati Sridhar is bankrolling the movie after a long time on the banner of the Larsco Entertainment.

It is learnt that the director narrated the story earlier to NTR but he did not like it. Then the writer-turned-director approached Allu Arjun and impressed him. The film titled ‘Naa Peru Surya’ with a tagline Naa Illu India. As per the Film Nagar sources, the film would be formally launched on April 8 to mark Bunny’s birthday and the regular shooting a month later. If sources are to be believed, Mega Star Chiranjeevi would play cameo in this film. However, Chiru’s character would be very crucial for the movie and that character decides the face of the movie. According to the sources in the film unit, Nagababu is also going to stake his claim in the film production

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Pawan Kalyan closes Jana Sena doors for Chiranjeevi


Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who launched his party’s website marking the third formation day of the party on Tuesday, gave indications about his unwillingness to admit his brother and Congress former minister K Chiranjeevi into the party.

Speaking to media persons, Pawan Kalyan said that his brother may not join his party as there is a huge ideological gap.  While admitting that the Jana Sena would also require senior leaders in the party, he said he would be very selective in admitting them. He said he would take the experiences of the Praja Rajyam Party launched by his brother Chiranjeevi along with him. “We had several leaders coming from different parties and they had their agenda with them. The party (PRP) suffered because of their agenda and that would not be repeated in Jana Sena,” he asserted.

Chiranjeevi after winning 18 Assembly seats in the 2009 elections on PRP had finally merged his party with the Congress and became a Minister at the Central government. He continues to be the Rajya Sabha member of the Congress, though not active in politics.

The actor-turned politician, Chiranjeevi, had returned to his acting career after the Congress was defeated in the 2014 elections. It was just a few months before the elections his younger brother Pawan Kalyan had launched the Jana Sena and sailed with the BJP, while Chiranjeevi continued to be with the Congress.

Now, heading for full time politics and setting his house in order for the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan is planning to expand his party’s base. Though he played key role in the Chiranjeevi’s PRP in 2009 elections, he is now not ready to take his elder brother along in his own party. He is also unwilling to take those old horses either from the Congress or the TDP in the State. That way, he had closed his party’s doors to his brother. In a way, he had sealed the fate of his brother forever as there is no future for the Congress either in the State or at the national level at least for the next two decades.

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Chiranjeevi’s surprise visit makes Mahesh Happy

Hyderabad: Chiranjeevi made a surprise visit on the floors of Prince Mahesh and Murugadoss shoot which is going on in Hyderabad.  Chiranjeevi spent some quality time in the sets along with the team of the flick. Murugadoss felt happy to see Megastar with whom he worked for Stalin.

Mahesh babu is acting as a secret cop in the movie with S.J.Surya playing akey role for the movie. Rakul Preeth Singh is starring opposite to Mahesh in female lead role.

Title is not yet confirmed for this prestigious movie, with MARMAM and SAMBHAVAMI on cards. Santhosh Sivan was delighted to see Chiru on the sets and tweeted “ A very distinguishes guest on the set”.

Chiranjeevi, who was engaged with Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu with shooting going on at Annapurna Studios, came to know that Mahesh, Murugadoss combo flick regular shoot was adjacent to his floor, Chiru went to sets to know how the movie is shaping.

Prince mahesh congratulated Chiranjeevi for the success of latest flick Khaidi No 150.Harish jairaj is composing music for Prince movie.





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Chiru did not lend his voice: S.S Rajamouli

Hyderabad: There were rumours in Tollywood about Chiranjeevi lend his voice for Bahubali-2-The Conclusion. Ace Director S.S. Rajamouli made it clarified with his tweet, stating that news is a false one.

“Chiranjeevi giving voice-over for Bahubali-2 is false news” he tweeted. Makers are busy in working on the trailer which will be released on the eve of Ugaidi.

Bahubali-2 To Be Screened At British Film Institute

As a mark of UK- Indian culture ties, which completed 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II is organising a programme at Buckingham Palace in the name of Reception which will be attended by celebrities from South India like Suresh Gopi( Malayalam) and Kamal Haasan. As a part of this cultural programme, highly hyped historic epic ‘Bahubali-2′ will be screened.

Bahubali-2 team released 2nd new poster of the movie on the eve of auspicious Maha Sivarathri with caption “Bahubali Team wishes u Happy Sivarathri. This amazing, aspiring poster with Prabhas standing on the trunk of the frightful elephant looks more like vibrant prodigious. Movie which is expected to hit screens on April 28th left conclusion in a suspense about  reason behind Kattappa killing bahubali, with fans eagerly waiting to watch it.

Meanwhile Rajamouli is in full swing after AP State Government announced Nandi Awards for the year 2012, which include 4 awards to EEGA

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Chiru’s Khaidi no 150 completes 50 days

Hyderabad: Come back film for actor turned politician Chiranjeevi’s 150th film titled Khaidi No 150 completed 50 days in 52 centres on March 1st  in Telugu states.

Film, which was produced by Ram Charan became biggest hit at Box office and stood second to Bahubali in terms of collections. It collected 11o crores share for 50 days which is highest in Megastar’s   cine career.

Flick is comeback one for Chiranjeevi after a gap of 10 years and critics raised questions about his fitness in dances and how people will receive  him as an actor. But Chiranjeevi proved still he can do it with the movie Khaidi no 150, konidela productions thanked everyone on the eve of completing 50 days.

Break up of 50 days area wise:  Nizam – 1,  ceded-22,   Nellore- 2, Krishna – 2, Guntur- 4 , Vizag-17, East Godavari-2, West Godavari-2,  Vizag-17.


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Jana Sena Would Come To Power: Nagendra Babu

Hyderabad: If anybody believes strongly about Jana Sena coming into power in 2019, it is Naga babu, elder brother of Pawan Kalyan. ‘No one can stop Jana Sena coming into power in 2019 elections. Pawan will create storm in next elections.’ These are the words uttered  by Nagendra babu.

In an interview, Nagendra babu praised his brother by saying Pawan is a kind of person who spends money on others instead of collecting money from them.

He also explained the reason why Pawan is still continuing his acting rather instead of focussing on party. To run a political party, money is needed and for Pawan’s mentality it should be from his own pocket, this is the reason for his acting in films, Nagendra babu felt.

He strongly came down on TDP saying that there is a lot of misuse of power, No development is seen in Amaravati  in these three years of ruling instead there is a raise in crime along with corruption, the actor added in his interview.

Prime Post Reports: Nagendra babu was restricted for campaigning and did not contest from PRP when his brother Chiranjeevi launched political part, PRP, in 2009. But he will join Jana Sena and contest from a constituency in East Godavari as per our sources. But his close aides are pressurising  him to move towards Nellore district; we have to see which one Nagendra babu will choose for his political entry.

Nagendra babu stood as a bridge between Chiranjeevi and his fans. He has a tremendous goodwill among Chiranjeevi fans, who can’t resist their emotions if Mega family is criticised.

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Cine producer KC Shekhar Babu dies of stroke

Hyderabad:  Telugu cine producer KC Shekhar Babu died of heart attack at his Film Nagar residence in Jubilee Hills here in the early hours of Saturday. He was 71.

The entire Telugu film industry expressed its shock over the untimely death of Shekhar Babu and conveyed their heart-felt condolences to the bereaved family members.

Shekhar Babu had produced movies like Mamatha, Samsara Bhandham, Gopalaraogari Ammayi, Muta Mestry, Sardar, Sahasa Samrat and Bhargava Ramudu.

He also served as Film Central Board chairman and secretary of Film Producers Council. Currently he was working as member of South Indian Film Chamber at the time his death. (NSS)

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Political conspiracy behind Padma Awards, Alleges Kaikala Satyanarayana

Hyderabad: Kaikala Satynarayana, veteran actor, former MP from TDP felt that denial of Padma award to him was mainly due to political conspiracy. Multi-talented veteran actor won many awards in his film career except Padma Award which should have been announced long ago when congress was in government during period of 1989-94.

Main reason for denial is only political issue as per veteran actor. I was in TDP at that time, rival congress was in power, and thus the State level committee rejected my name under political pressure though many recommended, Satyanarayana felt.

Padma awards to Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam were given because they had right contacts. Chiranjeevi did not invite me to watch Khaidi No 150, but Balakrishna arranged a special show for seniors, actor further added, stating that the seniors who felt industry as their own mother were severely neglected.

He also criticised T. Subbiramireddy for ignoring senior actors during the events organised by him. Subbirami Reddy respects only the artists and politicians who are in limelight which is not correct.

The senior character actor felt that he was at least in news due to denial of Padma Award; otherwise people have forgotten him long ago.

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Srikanth’s RA Ra poster unveiled by Chiranjeevi

Hyderabad: Srikanth’s Ra Ra movie motion poster was unveiled by Chiranjeevi yesterday in Hyderabad. For the first time in his career Srikanth is coming up with a horror comedy flick which is produced by Vijay and Directed by Vizz.

Chiranjeevi wished movie unit a grand success. Srikanth recalled that his movies like Pellisandadi, Preyasi Raave were launched by Chiranjeevi which became super hit later. He expected the same with this movie and hoped audience will make it super hit.

“Trailer is super and I am eagerly waiting to watch the movie. I came to know that movie contains games which attract children, my excitement was doubled after hearing this”, Chief Guest Chiranjeevi said after releasing Ra Ra poster.

Movie is due for release in March.

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Pawan condemn rumours about Multi starrer with Chiranjeevi

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan denied rumors about project with Brother Chiranjeevi and SubbiRami reddy as producer. Pawan, who returned from US on 14th evening, said there was no proposal about this project until date which kept an end to these speculations.Subbirami reddy officially announced about this project a week ago when Pawan kalyan was in US for Indian conference 2017. Fans expected an end to the dispute between these two brothers and kept a huge hope on this project who was disappointed after hearing this news from power star.

We all know the gap between brothers increased after Chiranjeevi’s PRP failed miserably in 2009 elections. Pawan is moving with utmost care by not making any impressions of PRP fall on his Janasena party, this is the reason he is keeping Chiranjeevi associates aside.

Meanwhile Pawan Kalyan who gave his intentions clear with political speech at Harvard University and recent interaction with Steve Jordan is setting tone for 2019 elections. It is now getting cleared that Jana Sena is moving away from ruling TDP and BJP in state.

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