Another Racist Attack On A Telugu Guy In US

Telugus in the US continue to face racist attacks, the latest being in a young student from Mancherial.

Clinton City: Racial attacks on Indians in US are causing acute worry nowadays. Telugu people could not forget the recent attacks on techie Srinivas at Kansas who was shot dead. Here is another instance of a telugu Student who was threatened at gun point on Sunday.

Sai Varun from Mancherial, Telangana, A�is pursuing his higher studies at Clinton City in Mississippi State.A� He is working as a part timer in a gas station on weekends.

A masked robber attacked him on Sunday morning and robbed money by aiming gun at him. AT that time Sai was on a video call with his mother in India. The robber asked him to leave US immediately or else he will face severe consequences. CCTV footage which covered the incident was handed over to the local police who are investigating the case. Face of the attacker was covered completely with a black mask and it became difficult for the police to find any clue of the robber

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