Another Nirbhaya Incident At Rohtak

Seven men allegedly abducted a woman when she was on her way to work, gang raped her, ran over a vehicle on her face to prevent identification in Rohtak district reminding people of Nirbhaya episode. Unfortunately, the body was found two days after the incident.
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Chandigarh: A week after the Supreme Court handed over death sentence to the accused in Nirbhaya case, a much ghastlier incident is reported from Haryanaa��s Rohtak district.A� Death sentences and stringent anti-rape laws seem to have no impact on the men in this country.

As more and more women are getting educated and competing with men in every field, men are not getting accustomed to treating women as their equal. This loathsome mindset is leading to many cases of sexual harassment, atrocities against women despite stringent laws.

The arrogance and cruelty being displayed by the perpetrators of crime in rape cases are shocking the people. The Rohtak incident too is one such case, where the perpetrators behaved worse than animals.

According to reports, Rohtak police said that the culprits who gang raped a woman mutilated her private parts and ran a vehicle over her face to prevent identification. Though the incident allegedly took place on May 9, the body was recovered after three days from Rohtaka��s IMT area.

According to the police, the woman was abducted by seven men when she was on her way to work.A� After preliminary examination of her body, it was found that her body had been penetrated by a sharp object causing severe internal injuries, reminding Nirbhaya incident.

The body was identified with the help of a missing complaint filed by the victima��s parents on May 9. Meanwhile, the family alleged that their neighbours were involved in the atrocious act.

The sensational Nirbhaya case had jolted the country and triggered a change in Indiaa��s rape laws.A� The media fought for justice to Nirbhaya who died at a Singapore hospital undergoing treatment.

The present incident is in no way less heinous than the Nirbhaya episode.

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