Another Honour Killing In Telangana?

The incidents of honour killing being reported from various parts of Telangana State are alarming. Will the State look into such episodes and go to the rescue of the victims?

Hyderabad: While Indian movies glorify love stories with parents excusing their children finally, reality is totally different. It is bitterer when it is an intercaste marriage involving a backward caste or Dalit boy and an upper caste girl.

Before people forgot the murder of Madhukar, a Dalit boy who got killed for loving a caste Hindu girl, a similar case came into light in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. While the girl committed suicide on Tuesday, the boy went missing a few days ago.

The parents sought the help of High Court as police did not respond to their pleas. The High Court directed the DGPA� to submit the investigation report done till date and asked Naresh’s wife to appear before it on May 18th.

Tummala Swati and Naresh who fell in love when they were doing graduation, got married without informing the elders. The real story began only after that.

After completing graduation in 2015, Naresh went to his parents living in Mumbai. But, Naresh and Swatia��s long distance relationship survived against odds. Naresh, who came to attend a function at Chityala on March 16, took Swathi along with him while returning to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, he sought the protection of Bandra Court and got married to her on March 25.They went to Goliwada police station for protection on the directions of the court. The police immediately called the parents and informed them about their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, as Swathia��s father Srinivasa Reddy came to know about the marriage with Naresh, he immediately filed a case against Naresh, his friends and relatives at Atmakur police station. In this context, Naresha��s father, Venkataiah went to Ramanna Peta CI claiming they were majors, submitted their marriage documents.

Later, police harassed the family members of Naresh. With this, both parties agreed to cancel the marriage and took away their children with them.

But, the couple met without the knowledge of elders. Swathi left for Mumbai on April 2nd. Naresh set up a family without informing the parents. Knowing about this, Naresha��s parents took them to their house. During this time, Swathia��s father called them up and said that he would agree to the marriage. He called umpteen times asking them to come back.

In this context, Swathi and Naresh started from Mumbai on May 2. But the whereabouts of Naresh are not known since he reached Bhuvanagiri. The family members are claiming that Naresh reached Bhuvanagiri safely.

Swathia��s father took her to their native village. Naresh informed his friend about his arrival to Bhuvanagiri. Since then Naresh vanished. As he was not lifting his phone after several attempts, Swati’s father called Naresha��s father and informed about it. Naresh’A� phone rang from May 3rd morning till 11 am and later it was switched off. Swati committed suicide.

After searching for his son for two days, Naresha��s father Venkataiah lodged a complaint in Bhuvanagiri police station. After eight days of lodging the complaint, the whereabouts of Naresh are not known. The family members of Naresh met the Home Minister N.Narasimha Reddy and complained. They are all suspecting Swathia��s father Srinivasa Reddy, who had murder charges against him.

The civil rights groups that are supporting Naresha��s fathera��s struggle are suspecting that it might be an honour killing.

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