Another Filmy Twist In Jayalalithaa’s Story

Chennai: The sudden death of Jayalalithaa, politicians expressing doubts about her treatment, and the turns and twists that followed can make a thriller if any directed is interested in filmi g the episodes that shook Tamil Nadu.

The story is not yet over. Here comes another character, a resident of Erode by Name Krishnamoorthy, who claims that Jayalalithaa is his mother.

Most interesting point in this story is that he gave a clue and a reason for Jayalalithaa’s death. It’s Sasikala who killed Jayalalitha by pushing her from stairs at Jaya’s residence at Poes Garden. He lodged a complaint too at a Chennai Police Station saying that his mother was killed.. According to him, he was brought up by Amma’s friend by name Anithamani.

Krishnamurthy says he went to Poes Garden to see Jayalalithaa when she was sick and stayed there for four days from Sep 14th to 18th last year. Jayalalithaa promised him that she will reveal the secret to the world once she gets well.

Sasikala and Jayalalithaa had a verbal argument on this issue and the former pushed Amma from the stairs, he alleged. It is due to fear of Sasikala that he kept quiet all these days, Krishnamoorthy said.

He approached Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Government stating that he is the real heir to Amma’s property.

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