Another August Crisis In AP?

Political observers foresee history being repeated in AP. An August crisis is on the anvil putting a lot of pressure on Chandrababu Naidu who became a political orphan after M Venkaiah Naidu was kicked up by Modi and Amit Shah.

Ankababu Kollu

Vijayawada: If the information coming from Delhi political corridors and fast changing political scenario were to be taken into consideration, it is widely believed in political circles that another August crisis in AP politics is in the offing.

After Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy met Narendra Modi in Delhi and complained on Chandrababu Naidu and provided evidence to prove corruption in AP, the prime minister is believed to have developed strange thoughts. Narendra Modi was given evidence to show that Venkaiah Naidu had indulged in misuse of power in order to promote Swarna Bharathi Trust. The organisation solely belongs to his family although technically other directors who were never consulted on any issue except taking signatures on minute books are there.

It seems, the opposition leader has also submitted list of donors who have contributed for trust activities who incidentally belong to the TDP and the Congress.

It also believed, he has submitted how many times special helicopters and charted flights were used for Swarna Bharati Trust functions at Venkatachalam, Vijayawada and recently at Hyderabad.

In the recent BJP public meeting at Vijayawada, the known rivals of Naidu in the BJP who are against Chandrababu Naidu as well, gave a lot of inputs to Amit Sha. He was told how Venkaiah Naidu neglected the growth of the BJP in AP to promote TDP.

After that Amit Shah announced that alliance with the TDP will be decided three months before next elections.

This shows that Shah is not eager to declare now itself about future tieups.

After the recent shuffle in AP Cabinet, the BJP has got information suggesting that there is mounting disaffection among the TDP MLAs. BJP found that either the party leaders or TDP cadre not so happy on inclusion of Lokesh into cabinet ignoring many senior and loyal party leaders.

Since then the BJP had started listing out the names of the disgruntled legislators and party leaders district wise with the help of Intelligence Bureau and the local BJP leaders.

They could locate around forty leaders who are very unhappy with CBN and prepared to come out of the TDP.

After contacting individually with trusted people, BJP started its second operation by disassociating Venkaiah Naidu from active politics by sending him as VP which is a constitutional post.

The BJP top notch wanted to cut CBN link with Delhi by sending Venkaiah Naidu out of active politics.

There is another reason for the to cut CBN wings politically.

Chandrababu Naidu is the only leader of national stature in the South after Jayalalithaa’sA� demise.

Neither in Kerala nor in Karnataka, there is a leader who can play active role at national level.

Hence, the BJP wants to cut CBN’s wings in state itself so that he cannot play any role at national level.

There is likelihood of forty TDP legislators quitting from the party in August paving way for an alternative govt or president rule.

In case an alternative govt to be formed with BJP support for which Jagan will readily agree, a close associate of CBN is already located and he is ready to grab the mantle from CBN.

After Venkaiah Naidu’s elevation as VP much against his will, decks are cleared for BJP leadership to go ahead with their plans in next couple of weeks.

Let us wait for another August crisis in TDP govt.

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  1. Dr.M.C.Das says:

    The writings on the wall show imminent crisis for the convalescing State of AP!

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