Anna unhappy with Arvind

(Primepost Bureau)

Ralegan Siddhi (Maharashtra): Gandhian activist Anna Hazare has on Tuesday expressed his unhappiness with his former follower and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Anna bemoaned that some members of Arvind’s cabinet are in jail while some others are facing charges of fraud, corruption and molestation. ‘When he was with me Kejriwal wrote a book on Gram Swaraj. Will we call this Gram Swaraj? That is why I am very sad. The hope with which I was looking at him is over’ said the anti-corruption leader.A� Anna was commenting on the AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar who was accused by a woman of rape.

Hazare said he had asked Kejriwal, ‘How will you find out that the people who join your party have a clean character or not?’A�A� Arvind has belied our homes, said Anna.

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