Anna Prasadam by Jain community at Godavari Pushkaram

Lata Jain

People from all over the country are heading to the Rajmundry “Pushkaram” to take a holy dip in Godavari. During Godavari pushkaram pilgrims from all over the country will have a holy dip withA�theA�belief that they would be relieved from all sins, and perform rituals to departed souls.

Lakhs of pilgrims can be seenA�thronging the Pushkar ghats along the over 1,000-km stretch of the river passing through the two States. The ritual this time has a special significance in that the Maha Pushkaram, as it is called, occurs once in 144 years, corresponding with the 12th recurrence of the 12-year cycle

Voluntary organisations, including cultural outfits and NGOs, have joined the Governments in providing food, drinking water and other amenities to the pilgrims.

The Jain Community of Rajmundry is busy in nitya anna prasadam to more than 30,000 pilgrims coming from various parts of the country. “We are going to serve Anna Prasadam for 12 days”, says Babulal Jain, one of the volunteers. They are serving simple, homely and hygienic food. Ita��s really tasty says Nagappa, one of the pilgrims. The food is being served in a very clean surrounding near the ghat.

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