Anna Hazare: Will Demand Kejriwal’s Resignation If Allegations Are Proved

The anti-corruption crusader and social activist Anna Hazare declared on Tuesday that he would demand the resignation of Kejriwal if the bribery allegations against him are proved.

Mumbai: As corruption allegation against Delhi Chief Minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal were made by his former colleague, social activist and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Tuesday said that he would demand the resignation of Kejriwal if they were proved. a�?I would sit on an agitation to demand the resignation,a�? Anna said.

However, finding fault with the sacked minister Kapil Mishra, he said, if he was the minister when the alleged money exchange took place, why did he not alert the authorities? He asked. He also said that whatever Kapil said were after he was removed, why he not said that when he was in the Cabinet, he asked.

He also said that there should be a thorough investigation into the allegations levelled and if Kejriwal is found guilty, he said that he will personally sit on an agitation at Jantar Mantar and demand his resignation, Anna Hazare told a media organisation at his residence in Ralegan Siddhi Village of Maharashtra.

He said that it was hurting to see his former colleague in the anti-corruption crusade face bribery charges.

The allegations against Kejriwal were made by Kapil Mishra, the sacked minister. He filed three complaints with the CBI against Kejriwal, Minister Satyendra Jain and AAP leaders who allegedly misused party funds on foreign trips. Mishra told media that he filed complaints with the CBI over the exchange of Rs 2 crore between Jain and Kejriwal.

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