Andhra Patrika Daily Re-Launch On July 29

The newspaper, which was launched during the freedom movement and helped shape modern Telugu language and identity, is set to be re-launched on July 29th.

Hyderabad: The century-old newspaper, Andhra Patrika, will be re-launched on 29th of this month. Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, M Venkaiah Naidu, will be doing the honours.

Andhra Patrika, credited with shaping both modern Telugu language and identity, will be coming in a new avatar with the tagline, ‘For the sake of freedom of the country then – for the sake of Genuity now.’

The promoters have vowed to publish “nothing but the truth”. They are also promising that the paper will be following the values of the past and modernity of the present.

Andhra Patrika was first launched by Kasinadhuni Nageswara Rao in 1908 as a weekly newspaper during the freedom movement in Telugu speaking areas of then Madras Presidency. Later, it transformed into a daily.

In the beginning, it was published only from the Madras City. In 1969, an edition from Vijayawada was launched and an office in New Delhi was set up. Later it expanded its operations to Hyderabad too.

Its editors, who ably steered the paper, include Kasinadhuni Nageswara Rao, G Harisarvottama Rao, C Seshagiri Rao and Sivalenka Sambhu Prasad. Those who worked for the daily and became famous include Sankarambadi Sundarachari, the writer of Maa Telugu Talliki…, Puripanda Appala Swamy, Veturi Sundararama Murthy, Chirala Rama Rao, Goparaju Venkatanandam and so on.

After Andhra Patrika was closed, Udayam daily patron, Magunta Subbirami Reddy, purchased it and tried to revive the daily. It went into cold storage after Magunta was killed by Naxals in 1995.

It is stated that all surviving journals and newspapers of Andhra Patrika have been digitised and stored at Gautami Library, Rajahmundry.

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