Anands Super 30 features in French Film The Big Day

Lata Jain

Cracking IIT is tough are in this institute 25 of 30 students cracked IIT and it is now recognized as Super 30.

Anand Kumars super 30 which have received recognition across the globe for helping the financially deprived students crack IIT, now features in a film made by famous French director Pascal Plisson.

The 90-minute film The Big Day is ready and its clips are already being shown to TV and YouTube. The movie is set to be released next month, says Anand Kumar.

One of the students featuring in the movie is NidhiA� Jha.A�A� Nidhi is the third daughter of poor auto-rickshaw driver in the temple city of Varanasi. Her father Sunil Kumar Jha, who was worried about the future of his daughters, could not even imagine providing them good education with his meagre earnings. However, after her Class 12, Nidhi reached Super 30, and life changed for her.

Nidhi Jha cracked JEE (advance) in 2014 and is now a student of ISM, Dhanbad.

Anand has also been invited for the release of the movie. He recalls how due to financial constrains he could not join Cambridge University. It is a nice feeling. I remember the days when Plisson and his team shot the film in Patna. I feel happy for Nidhia and the other students who have been featured.

In the past too many filmmakers from different countries have made films on Super 30. First it was Al Jazeera and then Discovery channel, Japanese TV, British filmmaker Chritopher Mitchell followed.

It is a great honor that such big channels are featuring us and we thank them for encouraging our students.

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