Analysis report gives clean chit to hotel on allegations of dog meat in mutton

Hyderabad:A�GHMC Chief Veterinary Officer said on Monday that the Director, National Research Centre on Meat, Chengicherla, has certified that the raw meat samples collected from the Shah Ghouse Hotel & Restaurant, Gachibowli, on December 13 was sheep (Ovis aries) meat onlya�?.A�

The GHMC officer recalled that following media reports that dog meat pieces were added in the mutton (meat of sheep & goat) for preparation of non-vegetarian food items in Shah Ghouse Hotel, Restaurant, the GHMC officials immediately inspected it on December 13, 2016, collected raw mutton samples and sent the same to the Director, National Research Centre on Meat (NRC on Meat), Chengicherla, for analysis.

According to the NRC on Meat analysis report on the given raw meat sample, it a�?is sheep (Ovis aries) meat onlya�?. As per the analysis report, it is proved that no dog meat was added in the mutton in Shah Ghouse Hotel, Restaurant, he added. – NSS

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