After Amma, OPS Is The Most Popular Leader In TN: Primepost Exclusive

A conversation with a cross section of the people in Chennai makes it clear that OPS stands second only to Jayalalithaa.

Chennai: Chennai city was so humid with heat wave and sea breeze. Added to this are the dramatic changes in TN politics creating extra heat which appears to be a never ending saga which might outlast summer.

The internecine warfare within AIADMK took a sudden turn after IT raids on Health Minister’s residence and the CBIa��s notice to Dinakaran.

This correspondent tried to read the pulse of Chennai voters on Wednesday. Here is the report.

Its Still Ammaa��s wave: People of Chennai praised late J Jayalalithaa (Amma) for her services and schemes that were faithfully implemented during her reign as CM. Late Jayalalitha still lives in the hearts of the people of TN even after her demise on 5 December 2016.

Public Favour OPS: Chennai residents strongly believe in OPS rather than Sasikalaa��s camp. Sasikala was expelled from the party when your correspondent was talking to the people. People feel that Sasikala is behind Ammaa��s death. They are not able to forget it.

At the same time, they have sympathy for OPS. They feel OPS is the only loyalist who is clean without a single scam or corruption scandal. They strongly feel that OPS should become Chief Minister or the DMK can form the Government but not any one from Sasikala group.

Praveen, a taxi driver at Chennai airport, felt that OPS is a good leader. But Praveen is not sure whether these politicians will give a chance for him to become CM.

Martin, a guest house owner at Anna nagar, felt that option in front of him is DMK, if not OPS.

Senthil, a taxi driver at Chennai Central, felt that there is no chance for BJP in TN.

No Place for Rajini In Politics: With fans keeping pressure on Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth to plunge into politics, Chennai voters mindset appears to be different.

They want to see him only as an actor and they dona��t want him to be corrupted by entering politics.

In Chetput area of Chennai, people say that Rajini is equal to God and he should be praised and prayed but not pushed around in politics and throw mud on him.

Nearly 45% of the people who responded to the questions supported OPS. They included the youth, weaker sections and daily workers. At the same time, there were apprehension that the unscrupulous political leaders may throw OPS aside for the sake of CMa��s chair.

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