Amit Shaha��s Eye On AP

The BJPa��s National President Amit Shah is going to tour for three days in AP and will finalise the stand of party in 2019 elections.

Amaravati: Amit Shah will tour AP for three days, probably from 28th of this month. He will clarify cadre about partya��s stand and agenda to face 2019 elections. During his tour there may be replacement of AP BJPa��s President as per party sources.

Kanna Laxmi Narayana and Somu Veeraju are in the race right now for the post who is totally anti to AP CM Naidu. If this happens, it is a clear indication from the BJP about its stand on the TDP for 2019 elections.

Sitting President Hari babu may be elevated to central cabinet in place of Venkiah Naidu. Amit Shah, during his tour will revive on booth committees too.

The party sources strongly believe that Amit Shah is not happy with AP CM Naidua��s move towards the BJP in the state. The BJP National President is in a feel that Naidu was suppressing the growth of the BJP in AP state and want to take harsh decision on the TDP.

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