After Amit Shah, Rahul To Visit TS To Attack TRS

Rahul Gandhi will be landing in Hyderabad soon after Amit Shah leaves. TRS says the Congress and the BJP are vying for the second position but both are discredited in the eyes of the people.
Amit Shah (Left) and Rahul Gandhi (Right)

Hyderabad: A week after BJP President Amit Shah departs from Telangana, AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi would land in Hyderabad to take on the mighty TRS government. TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy told media on Thursday that Rahul will address a public meeting at Sangareddy on June 1, to a�?exposea�� the failures of three year rule of KCR-led government.. The meeting- christened as a�?Telangana Praja Garjanaa��- will be held a day before TRS government completes three years in office, he added.

Amit Shah will tour Telangana for three days from May 22.

a�?Both TRS government and NDA government at the Centre have failed to reach to the expectations of people. They came to power with a lot of promise. But finally, people feel cheated and let down,” Mr Uttam Kumar Reddy said.

The TPCC chief denied that the visit of Rahul Gandhi was aimed at offsetting the impact of BJP President Amit Shaha��s tour of the State. a�?It was mediaa��s hype. He is not a master strategist as BJP claims. We have seen Amit Shaha��s effect in Punjab and Goa,” Reddy remarked.

Mr, Rahul Gandhi will interact with various aggrieved groups like Dalits, unemployed youth and STs. Congress is making efforts to mobilize more than a lakh persons for the Sangareddy meeting, the first in series of such meetings planned across Telangana.

a�?Telangana is number two in farmers suicides which amply reflect the plight ofA� agrarian situation. Chilli and turmeric farmers were in distress. Instead of extending bonus as was being done by neighboring Karnataka and AP governments, the TRS government was handcuffing farmers demanding remunerative price for their produce. The a�? 4000 per acre assurance was a poll gimmick and ryots wont believe ita�? he lambasted.

TRS has already indicated that it would go alone in 2019 polls. a�?The BJP and the Congress are vying each other for second position but finally they would draw a blank since their policies are a copy cat and their leaders have lost peoplea��s faitha�? TRS MP Vinod remarked.

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