Amit Shah To Clean Congress In Telangana

Buzz is that Amit Shah started an operation a�?Clean and Kill Congressa�� in Telangana, which will start in coming days.

Hyderabad: The BJPa��s National President is keen on both the Telugu states to bring the BJP into lime light. For this, he chose operation a�?Clean and Kill Congress,a�� particularly in Telangana.

As per the latest news, Amit Shah targeted five Congress MLAs and one MLC from Congress Party and they are ready to join the BJP in coming days.

Amit Shah is mainly concentrating on Reddy community in Telangana to keep a check on the congress. The BJP strongly feels that KCR would support the NDA if necessary in coming elections at centre. Amit Shah wants to clear up the congress and want to make up BJP as strong opposition party in Telangana.

Focus on decimating the Congress in Telangana would start from Dussehra and will go onto pull the dissidents of TRS too, as per BJP sources. The BJP will fight 2019 elections alone and there are chances of replacement of TBJP President Laxman in coming days, once the operation begins.

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