Amaravati to be best city of century reflecting culture and heritage: Experts committee

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The new capital, Amaravati, should be designed as a best city in the century reflecting Telugu culture and heritage, observed experts committee on Amaravati designing headed by Dr Parakala Prabhakar.

The two-day meeting of the experts committee started in VijayawadaA�on Wednesday. The committee will prepare designs of the capital reflecting Telugu culture and history and submit the designs to master architect Norman Foster Company.

The members of the expert committee discussed on the entrance structure of Amaravati. The committee will give ita��s suggestions to government. Dr Prabhakar appealed to experts to offer their advices keeping in view the importance of nine cities focusing on nine specialties. He said everyone in the state prefer reflection of Telugu culture and heritage in designs of Amaravati. He said it is a rare opportunity to design entire city reflecting our culture.

The committee decided that the constructions should reflect Indian and especially Andhra culture. Some of them opined that the Amaravati designs should reflect the structure of our ancient kingdoms. They supported the plantation of medicinal plants to develop greenery and to bring down temperature.

Tirupati Sri Venkatswara museum director V Ranganayakulu said that the government offices should reflect the ancient `manduva logilia�� structures for free flow of air and Sun light. The buildings should be named with historical names. Some of the members suggested the Assembly building should reflect Chandragiri fort. They said that Undavalli caves should be given a face lift.

Sri Venkateswara University retired professor Kirankant chowdary said that the structure in the capital should reflect ancient kingdoms including Satavahanas, Ikshvakas, Salankayanas and Buddhists. Writer Sai Papineni said that the designers should adopt the technology in Los Angeles structures to bring down the temperature. A retired archaeological official KV Rao said that the buildings should reflect the Buddhism traces in Amaravati region.

Cine architect Anand Sai said entire city should be in one colour for more attraction. Director of cultural affairs Vijaybhaskar said that the structures should reflect the history of Kalinga kingdom. He said Kalinga kingdom spread over Ganga to Godavari rivers. But the history confined to three districts at present.

Historian Sivanagi Reddy said that the structures in Amaravati should reflect the culture of all regions of the state. Amaravati heritage city advisor Galla Amareswar said that the suggestions of experts should be developed as designs in 3D system and should be presented to Norman Foster.

The CRDA official said 1800 km length of roads would be developed in the city. After conclusion of the meeting the experts committee members inspected the Amaravati capital region.

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