Am Not Indian, But Thanks For The Love: Priyanka

TOKYO: Priyanka Yoshikawa, 22 years old, became Miss World Japan on Monday.A�Her father is from Kolkata, India. His father met her mother after moving there as a student.

“I am overwhelmed with messages from India, all wishing me luck. I told them that I am not Indian but they are still sending me good wishes”, said the beauty queen. She will be contesting for the Miss World crown which will be held in Washington this December, according to the reports.

Priyanka is a licensed elephant trainer. She had vowed to continue her fight against the racial prejudice in Japan, where the multiracial children only make up the 2 percent of those born annually.

Social media was lit up after Miyamoto’s trail blazing triumph as critics complained that Miss Universe Japan should have been won by a ‘pure’ Japanese rather than a ‘haafu’ – half Japanese, a word used to describe the mixed race.

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