Is Alternative Front To NDA A Thing Of Past?

With Nitish Kumar joining hands with the BJP, the lone alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019 elections has disappeared making the future battles one-sided.

Ankababu Kollu

He was projected as alternative face to Modi as prime ministerialA� candidate for opposition front till recently.

Now that face is looking at the feet of the PM.

Nitish kumar , CM of Bihar was widely accepted as a capable leader to become prime minister if the opposition happens to come to power which at present can not dreamt of.

As a staunch opponent of the BJP and considered be a value- based and honest politician slowly drifted towards the BJP since demonitisation which move was castigated by the entire opposition except Nitish.

Nitish feeling suffocation since the RJD got more seats that his own JD(U) although he became CM.

Though he was not happy in taking Lalu!s son Tejaswini into cabinet , he had no alternative except inducting him as deputy CM because he lakhs the required strength in the Assembly.

Seeing Nitish’s suffocation, Modi govt.A� had orchestrated CBI raids on Lalu’sA� family members with clearA� evidence with them.

Nitish pretty well knows , Lalu will not accept his son to be out of cabinet come what may.

Prior to that,A� Nitish supported NDA candidate for President although the opposition candidate was from Mahatma Gandhi’s family and incidentally Bihar governor was NDA candidate.

Now the picture is clear after Nitish sworn as CM with BJP support , there is now no unifying candidate at national level to be projected as an alternative to Modi.

BJP systematically cripples all opposition and prevented Advani, Joshi, Sushma, Venkaiah Naidu from raising their voice.

Congress, the grand old party, lost is charisma now not worth considering even at state level except Karnataka, Himachal, Punjab .

The leaders whoA� are considered as having national stature like Sharad Pawar became old and sick, unable even to speak fluently.

Mulayam became dwarf because of family fued.

Mamatha was cornered by Sarada scandal.

Mayawati is facing troubles due to brother’sA� corruption charges.

Sonia is sick.

Rahul unimpressive.

Sharad Yadav is likely to join NDA cabinet.

Jayalalitha expired. Chandrababu cornered by caging Venkaiah Naidu in a golden position. Advani, Joshi are muted.

Sushma can’t come out due to her ill- health.

As of now the decks for Modi are cleared for 2019 election with none to oppose him at national level.

Modi , Amith shaw combination is 100% successful in political management so far.

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