Alone but not lonely

Lata Jain

Single Moms these days are busy, but if they are more stressed than ever before and in need of lifestyle choices that help us be happier. Having a hobby may be just the ticket.

Upper middle class women most commonly enjoy the following hobbies: shopping (mostly for clothes), trendy exercise such as yoga and running, traveling, but there is much travelling than these. Some hobbies are very expensive so here are a few which dona��t pinch the pocket.

Hobbies provide a refreshing change from your routine

If you’re a stay at home Mom, you may be frustrated because at the end of the day you can hardly point to anything you’ve “done”. That’s because of the repetitive nature of housework and childcare.

In generations past, women pursued hobbies like quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery not only because they were enjoyable but because they provided tangible value to the family, either providing clothing for their backs or much needed income.


This can be costly if you are buying an instrument, but teaching yourself to play is relatively cheap. Also, the various equipment and maintenance (reeds, strings, picks, piano tuning, etc…) are re-occurring expenses, but relatively infrequently. There are many colleges which take evening classes in Karnatic, vocal and instrumental music. This type of hobby is not to be ignored especially if you have children. Children love music, even if youa��re not a trained musician.


Reading is the single best way to increase your knowledge, or escape from the dull realities of your everyday life. The best part is a�� ita��s absolutely free through your public library. With the Internet and inter-library exchanges. Enhances your knowledge, keeps your imagination alive and your updated with the world of your children.


Painting is yet another great hobby for mothers to express their creativity and create something beautiful. You don’t need to be an artist to paint, with just a little effort just about anyone can learn how to paint. There is so much you can do such as water color, landscapes, or even just painting wooden items…

Organic gardening

Starting your own organic garden is a wonderful way to get down and dirty with your kids. You can learn how to grow various foods together, and enjoy the efforts of your labor by eating the food. This is also a great opportunity for you to teach your children about the importance of eating organic food. Maybe one day you may use this for commercial purpose.

Computer Hobbies is a category of pastimes that varies from playing games like bingo onlineA�to digital scrap booking. The more traditional computer pastimes like games and 3D animation continue to be popular and getting ever more complex. But, the new category of computer based hobbies such digital scrap booking is rapidly growing as people find ways to adapt their favorite hobbies to their computers.


It may sound stereotypical to say that cooking is a womana��s hobby, but hear us out. Cooking is a great hobby for just about anyone. Not only do you get to play around with different types of flavors and textures, youa��ll learn some great meal ideas while youa��re at it. We recommend picking up some cookbooks to get some ideas for when you start, but once you have the basics down, the sky is the limit.


This hobby is sure to get you into shape fast. If you dona��t already exercise regularly, now may be the time to start something new. Running and jogging dona��t just have to be about getting fit, but instead could be sued as a way to clear your head. Going for a jog for at least half an hour a day clear your head from all of the stress of the day.


Writing has typically been a hobby for women throughout the ages. In this day and age, the trend is no different. If you have thoughts that youa��d like to share with the world, all you have to do is set up a free blog at either or to get started! Share the blog with your friends and family and watch them spread the word as your thoughts become more and more in depth. Blogging helps improve your writing and analytical skills, which are both useful in the professional world as well!

After all this if you still are lonely (happens sometimes) wish to talk/discuss or have a problem, call one of your old friends (male/female) go for a long drive, eat mirches and panipuri, sit at an ensconced place listening to old songs and talk till you are comfortable and have solutions to your problems.

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