Allu Arjun Gets Surprise Kudos From Co-star

Allu Arjun received praises from his co-star for his Brahmin get-up in upcoming flick Duvvada Jagannadham.

Hyderabad: When makers of DJ film announced that Allu Arjun will be acting in a role of Brahmin, there was curiosity among Bunny fans how the director will show him. Until then, it was only Jr NTR who acted in that kind of role.

It fetched a good mileage for NTR and his ascent; diction worked well in the movie ADHURS which was directed by V.V.Vinayak.

After that Allu Arjun was one of the major Tollywood heroes who signed to act in the role of Brahmin boy and all eyes were on him and his get-up.

After DJ trailer was released, Allu Arjun fans expressed happiness over the get-up, but here is another supporting, surprise package for Bunny fans. It is none other than NTR who praised the director and the hero for their commitment.

NTR watched a�?DJa�� trailer, praised Allu Arjun and revealed a surprise about his Achary role in Adhurs movie. NTR said that it was director Harish Shankar who made changes for that role and said that Harish has strong grip in his art.

NTR also said he would have loved to do DJ as Adhurs’ sequel if Harish approached him prior to Allu Arjun.

This made the fans both NTR and Allu Arjun happy for the praise shown by NTR on his co-star which will help maintain good relations in Tollywood.

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