All workers to get wages through banks

  • 12,024 camps held for opening bank accounts

Hyderabad: Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya has said the process of opening of bank accounts for workers in the organized and unorganized sectors is set in motion and all of them will get their wages directly through bank accounts in the near future. 

The Union minister disclosed this at the state-level Bankers Committee meeting held at the State Bank of Hyderabad, Gunfoundry, here on Sunday. He said a large number of workers coming from across the country were working in Hyderabad. In Telangana State, about a crore workers are working in the unorganized sector while 7.9 lakhs are working in the organized sector.  Out of one crore unorganized workers, 4.53 lakhs are working in beedi factories, 9.36 lakhs in the construction industry and 48 lakhs in the farm sector.

Dattatreya said all the banks were conducting camps in the entire Telangana State for opening bank accounts for the workers. He also said 12,024 camps were conducted till today and 56,286 applications were received. Of which 36,474 accounts were opened. He said though the people were reeling under the impact of demonetization, it would yield long-term positive results. -NSS

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