All Parties Except TDP Plea Governor on Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project

HYDERABAD: Ministers Jupally Krishna Rao and Laxma Reddy, MPA�Jitender Reddy, MLAs andA�other Mahabubnagar District leaders of all the political parties,A�barring the TDP, today requested Governor Narasimhan to protect the rights of the people of Mahabubagar district, by appraisingA�the ground realities onA�Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation ProjectA�and the blatant lies of Andhra Pradesh Government to the Centre and to the other related bodies, such as CWC, Water Resources Management Ministry.

District leaders of TRS, Congress, BJP, MIM, CPM, CPI, YSRCP, LokSatha, called on the governor today and presented a memorandum to him on the issue.

The representation said the AP Governemnt stated that the Palamuru-Ranga Reddy LIS and Dindi LIS projects pending adjudication of the references by KWDT-II, without approval of KRMB and the Apex Council tantamount to violation of AP Reorganization Act, 2014.

At the outset, it is clarified that the said two projects are not the new projects as administrative approval for Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project for detailed survey and preparation of DPR by allocating 70 TMC quantity of water was accorded the year 2013 by the erstwhile AP Government. Similarly, the government in the year 2007 accorded administrative approval for Dindi Lift Irrigation Project.

It is somewhat ironical that the necessary follow up action was not taken earlier on these two important projects contemplated for meeting the most justified requirements of the people of Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda and Rangareddy districts falling in Krishna basin, as they are Telangana Projects.A� On the other hand, the erstwhile government took up Polavaram.

These two projects – Palamuru-RangaReddy and Dindi LIS – are very important for meeting even the basic needs of the people of Telangana State in general and Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda and Rangareddy districts in particular.

The Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme envisages to provide drinking water to the most flouride affected areas, and Irrigation facilities to drought prone areas of Deverakonda and Munugodu constituencies of Nalgonda district and some parts of Achampet&Kalwarkurthy constituencies of Mahabubnagar district by lifting the flood water from the foreshore of Srisailam Reservoir to Dindi Reservoir at 0.5 TMC per day for 60 days to achieve a quantum of 30 TMC, the memorandum explained.

Both the said projects are within the Krishna Basin and the Telangana State is at full liberty to take up these projects as sanctionedA�by the erstwhile AP Government andA�as per the allocations made by Bachawat Tribunal in respect of dependable waters and allocations with regard to surplus waters.

As these projects are not the new projects, and were contemplated in the erstwhile AP Government, accordingly, administrative approval is just carrying forward the process to take to its logical conclusion.

Blatant Lies of AP

It was a willful neglect of the then composite state,A�and blatant lies now of Andhra Pradesh Government.

The representation pointed out that it is the tragedy of the people of Mahabubnagar District, that the Krishna River enters and flows at a length of 308 KMS in the district alone and contributes through rivers and tributaries, but the district remained as an example of willful neglect resulting into migration of 1/3rd of its total population to far off places by leaving even kin and aged ones. This neglect has a genesis of anti-human attitude and nothing short of genocide, they said.

Now that to fulfill the aspirations of these people to get their legitimate right and share in Krishna waters, the Telangana Government under the leadership ofA�chief minister has taken up these already contemplated projects and carrying forward to complete them.A� So, any act to defeat the genuine rights of Telangana people has to be treated as willful and detrimental measures of AP Government, they contended.(NSS)

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