All Eyes On Nayeema��s Diary

Hyderabad: The diary maintained by the slain gangster Nayeemuddin alias Nayeem remains a matter of speculation and conjuncture. Congress MLA Jeevan Reddy made a spirited appeal to the government on Monday in the Assembly to handover the case to the CBI. Telangana State Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) rejected the demand and said the credit of solving the case should go to the State police who are doing an excellent job.

Nayeem was killed in an encounter on 8 August 2016 in the Millemium Township area in Shadnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. Soon after the so called encounter, the State government had appointed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to inquire into the episode A�and the crimes committed by the gang headed by Nayeem. So far,A� the involvement of A�Nayeema��s A�gang has been establishedA� in 27 murder cases and another 25 murder cases are being investigated, according to the chief minister. KCR told the Assembly that the police had seized documents of properties registered in the names of Nayeema��s family and friends.A� The documents show registration of land to the extent of 1,015 acres, house sites to the extent of 1,67,000 sq yards and 27 houses. The registered value (market value would be much more) of the seized properties is estimated at Rs 1,43,94.05,198. Police had seized 27 firearms, 21 cars, 26 motor cycles and cash worth Rs 2,95,09,080. Nayeem gang was carrying out its nefarious activities with Bhongir as its centre.

Nayeem was a Frankenstein Monster created by the TDP government headed by Nara Chandrababu Naidu to liquidate Naxalite leaders and the human rights activists. He was involved in the murder of IAS office Vyas at LB Stadium while he was doing the daily morning exercise. A lawyer and a rights activist, Purushotham, was killed in broad daylight in the streets of Mahaboobnagar town. A�The gang was pampered by top police officials. While he was doing the biddings of the police officers and political masters, he was spreading his tentacles A�carrying out crimes killing more than 50 persons in a span of 15 years. It is unparalleled in the countrya��s history A�that a Naxalite who turned police informer and then a hired killer enjoyed unstinted support of the police establishment for so long. The successive Congress governments had continued to protect the monster. No authority in the country, be it governors or prime ministers or the president of the Republic had questioned the chief ministers and the DGPs for maintaining a clandestine relationship with a killer and for planting and protecting sucha dangerous person. It is a travesty of democratic values as practiced in the country. Who should be punished for the killings of more than 50 persons?

Nayeem was perceived as a threat to KCR when he was leading the movement for a separate statehood. When Sambasivudu, a former Naxalite who renounced violence and took to mainstream politics, was murdered by Nayeem, KCR condemned A�it in a public meeting. Finance MinisterA� Etala Rajendra said in the Assembly that his driver was kidnapped by Nayeem and he had complained to the then chief minister, N Kiran Kumar Reddy, not less than ten times, but no action was taken. At that time Rajendra was TRS Floor Leader in the Assembly. The then DGP Dinesh Reddy was also blamed for inaction as he was considered close to the gangster.A� Members who spoke on the subject congratulated the government for getting A�Nayeem killed. Though it was described as an encounter by the government, the members without hesitation spoke as if it was a planned killing by the cops and it was considered a good riddance.

Some of the prominent TDP and Congress leaders were allegedly hand-in-glove with the gangster. A couple of them are there in the present cabinet and a number of them have crossed over to the ruling TRS. That is presumed as a reason for the TRS government to keep the contents of the diary secret. Sivadhar Reddy, who was at that time the chief of intelligence was shifted to an unimportant position within months of nominating the SIT for high profile investigation. He was privy to the information available in the diary. Nayeem had the strange habit of noting down everything in his diary. Sources said there are mobile numbers, names and the numbers suggesting the transactions he had with politicians, government officers and others. The in charge officer of the SIT also was shifted soon after its establishment. The allegation was that KCR knows the contents of the diary and he is trying to protect the politicians and officials A�who are close to the establishment. This suspicion A�is all the more reason for insistence on CBI inquiry.

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