Ali reveals reason behind the unstoppable laugh of Pawan

Hyderabad: Pawan Kayan had a loud and uncontrollable laugh on the dais at Katamarayudu pre-release function when the programme is in progress. Everyone thought that it could be the reaction for a joke cracked by Ali and made several phone calls to the comedian to find out what is that joke. In fact, Sharat Marrar, producer of the film complimented Pawan that he is looking more handsome in Kurta and Lungi, while addressing his fans on the eve of pre-release function.

Ali, who was very near to Pawan Kalyan, immediately asked the producer, a�?Will you perform marriage to Pawan Kalyan after saying that he looks handsome? Pawan, after hearing this could not control his laugh. This is the secret behind Kalyana��s uncontrollable laugh at Shilpa Kala Vedika during Katamarayudu pre-release function.

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