Akhilesh Follows Modi

Lucknow: PM Narendra Modia��s wave is still continuing in terms of social media leading the Face Book with most talked about politician between Feb 19th to 28th.

Surprisng face added next was Akhilesh yadav who stood in second place. This shows what kind of campaign was conducted by these two parties with the help of social media, particularly using Face Book mode.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was left in 4th position after Amit Shah. BSP chief Mayawati holds 5th place followed by Dimple Yadav who occupies 6th position.

Even according to the parties, BJP took first place with 64% as most talked about political party, followed by Congress with 45%, next SP with 15%.

These calculations are based on the unique people engaged in conversation with political parties in social media.

When it comes to the subject of discussion other than politics, Defence is the main topic in public discussion with 46%, next is crime with 40% followed by Industry 30%.

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