All Airlines In India Ban Rogue MP Gaikwad

New Delhi: Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad has been barred from flying by four private Indian carriers after his stupid assault on an Air India officer. Air India has blacklisted him on Friday for his rude behaviour.

The Federation of Indian Airlines, which has IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and GoAir as members, has taken a strong view on the unrepentant MP.

Gaikwad has admitted that he assaulted an Air India staffer 25 times with a slipper and tried to throw him out of the aircraft. It is a common practice with international airlines and some of the private Indian airlines to blacklist rowdy elements.

It is a matter of interest to know that the first time MP from Osmanabad, Gaikwad is the first law breaker from Maharashtra.

Meanwhile, R Sukumar, Duty Manager of Air India, who was assaulted by the MP, tweeted that he is not scared. ” I am not scared at all, have been doing public dealing. Many people get irritated on such issues,” he said.

Gaikwad not only refused to say sorry, he dashed a complaint to Ashok Ganapathi Raju, Minister for Civil Aviation, and Sumitra Mahajan, Lok Sabha Speaker, demanding an enquiry into the incident. Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray asked the erring MP for an explanation. Gaikwad’s complaint was that he was forced to travel economy class in Pune-New Delhi flight AI-852 although he had an open business class ticket. He stayed back in the flight after it landed in Delhi airport creating a scene for an hour.

The Thursday incident has provoked a fresh debate on the need to have a ‘no-fly’ list of rogue passengers. Sukumar in his complaint said while the plane landed in Delhi at 9.40 am, Ravindra Gaikwad refused to get out. 115 passengers were waiting to get into the aircraft which is scheduled to fly to Goa and the MP was hurling abuses.

MPs having arguments and quarrels with airlines authorities is not a new phenomenon. Recently, Diwakar Reddy, MP from Anantapur, had a tiff with the airlines staff at Vijayawada for not waiting for him. By the time he reached Gannavaram airport, the doors of the carrier were closed and it was all set to take off and he insisted on getting into the carrier. It was not allowed and he indulged in foul language. But no complaint was registered. Since Air India is a government owned airlines, the MPs who have been enjoying a number of privileges do get into arguments and lose temper with the officials. But hitting an official with a slipper for 25 times and not repenting is a peculiar case of sheer madness.

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