AIDMK MLAs Were Purchased Ahead Of Trust Vote

A leading news channel’s sting operation proved that money power played crucial role prior to TN Trust Vote which was held in February.

Chennai: Yes, money power is once again on screen in politics which dominated the democratic mandate. In TN politics, we have seen a lot of political stunts after the demise of Jayalalithaa, mainly the split in ruling party as two groups, OPS and EPS.

Main group headed in the Assembly by E.Palamiswamy under leadership of Sasikala won the trust vote. The opposition leader and DMK’s Stalin described as rigged. He often moved to High Court demanding a fresh trust vote which was then dismissed. Now the case moved to Supreme Court which is considering the issue.

Meantime, a leading news channel of India (Times Now) operated a sting operation on the Stalin’s allegations. Two MLAs belonging to AIDMK were caught in the operation who said they were bribed prior to trust vote adding strength to Stalin’s allegation.

MLA Saravanan, who won from Madurai said that he was offered ₹ 1 crore for trust vote. The same MLA also alleged that he was held captive in Resorts by Sasikala group during that time and dramatically escaped later.

Now with this sting operation, we have to see how Supreme Court reacts in this case. Whatever the result may be it is being established that money has changed hands before the trust vote.

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After Amma, OPS Is The Most Popular Leader In TN: Primepost Exclusive

A conversation with a cross section of the people in Chennai makes it clear that OPS stands second only to Jayalalithaa.

Chennai: Chennai city was so humid with heat wave and sea breeze. Added to this are the dramatic changes in TN politics creating extra heat which appears to be a never ending saga which might outlast summer.

The internecine warfare within AIADMK took a sudden turn after IT raids on Health Minister’s residence and the CBI’s notice to Dinakaran.

This correspondent tried to read the pulse of Chennai voters on Wednesday. Here is the report.

Its Still Amma’s wave: People of Chennai praised late J Jayalalithaa (Amma) for her services and schemes that were faithfully implemented during her reign as CM. Late Jayalalitha still lives in the hearts of the people of TN even after her demise on 5 December 2016.

Public Favour OPS: Chennai residents strongly believe in OPS rather than Sasikala’s camp. Sasikala was expelled from the party when your correspondent was talking to the people. People feel that Sasikala is behind Amma’s death. They are not able to forget it.

At the same time, they have sympathy for OPS. They feel OPS is the only loyalist who is clean without a single scam or corruption scandal. They strongly feel that OPS should become Chief Minister or the DMK can form the Government but not any one from Sasikala group.

Praveen, a taxi driver at Chennai airport, felt that OPS is a good leader. But Praveen is not sure whether these politicians will give a chance for him to become CM.

Martin, a guest house owner at Anna nagar, felt that option in front of him is DMK, if not OPS.

Senthil, a taxi driver at Chennai Central, felt that there is no chance for BJP in TN.

No Place for Rajini In Politics: With fans keeping pressure on Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth to plunge into politics, Chennai voters mindset appears to be different.

They want to see him only as an actor and they don’t want him to be corrupted by entering politics.

In Chetput area of Chennai, people say that Rajini is equal to God and he should be praised and prayed but not pushed around in politics and throw mud on him.

Nearly 45% of the people who responded to the questions supported OPS. They included the youth, weaker sections and daily workers. At the same time, there were apprehension that the unscrupulous political leaders may throw OPS aside for the sake of CM’s chair.

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EC Pulls Up OPS Camp For Using Coffin For Votes

In this context, the AIADMK (OPS faction) had been pulled up by Election Commission for using dummy Jayalalithaa in a coffin while campaigning.

Chennai: The fight for Amma’s legacy in Tamil Nadu is reaching new heights. The Panneerselvam camp, which claims to be true heirs of her legacy, went to extremes for campaigning in RK Nagar bypoll. The seat has fallen vacant with the death of late chief minister J. Jayalalithaa. As the AIADMK has split into OPS and Sasikala factions after their supremo’s death, there had been bitter fights to retain the legacy.

In this context, the AIADMK (OPS faction) had been pulled up by Election Commission for using dummy Jayalalithaa in a coffin while campaigning.

Since the death of Jaya, the party saw bickerings in the name of caste and creed, now the leaders have gone far and using dummy Jayalalithaa in a coffin to attract voters.

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Arrest Jaya’s Fake Son: Madras HC

Chennai: Krishnamurthy has to face sentence now for submitting fake documents after forgery, this is the result for falsely claiming as late Jayalaitha’s son. Madras HC on Monday directed the police to arrest him as it was a fake claim.

Krishnamurhty, a resident of Erode, claimed that Jayalalithaa is his mother. Most interesting point in this story is that he gave a clue and a reason for Jayalalithaa’s death. It’s Sasikala who killed Jayalalitha by pushing her from stairs at Jaya’s residence at Poes Garden. He lodged a complaint too at a Chennai Police Station saying that his mother was killed. According to him, he was brought up by Amma’s friend by name Anithamani.

Madras HC took his plea into consideration and ordered to submit supporting documents, failing to do so will be viewed seriously.

Krishnamurthy submitted few reports which were proven forged, fake after verification by Chennai police. They said Krishnamurthy was son of Vasanthamani and Krishnamurthy purchased documents with old dates and created fake ones.

Judge came to a conclusion that the documents are fabricated and urged police to arrest him and submit a detailed report on April 10th.

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Another Filmy Twist In Jayalalithaa’s Story

Chennai: The sudden death of Jayalalithaa, politicians expressing doubts about her treatment, and the turns and twists that followed can make a thriller if any directed is interested in filmi g the episodes that shook Tamil Nadu.

The story is not yet over. Here comes another character, a resident of Erode by Name Krishnamoorthy, who claims that Jayalalithaa is his mother.

Most interesting point in this story is that he gave a clue and a reason for Jayalalithaa’s death. It’s Sasikala who killed Jayalalitha by pushing her from stairs at Jaya’s residence at Poes Garden. He lodged a complaint too at a Chennai Police Station saying that his mother was killed.. According to him, he was brought up by Amma’s friend by name Anithamani.

Krishnamurthy says he went to Poes Garden to see Jayalalithaa when she was sick and stayed there for four days from Sep 14th to 18th last year. Jayalalithaa promised him that she will reveal the secret to the world once she gets well.

Sasikala and Jayalalithaa had a verbal argument on this issue and the former pushed Amma from the stairs, he alleged. It is due to fear of Sasikala that he kept quiet all these days, Krishnamoorthy said.

He approached Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Government stating that he is the real heir to Amma’s property.

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Dinakaran To Contest From RK Nagar

Chennai: Dinakaran, nephew of Sasikala and deputy general secretary of the AIADMK, will be the party’s candidate in RK Nagar constituency where by-election is slated for April 12. Former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was representing the constituency till her demise.

Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jaya Kumar has already declared that she would enter the fray on behalf of her newly launched party. She will be testing her political fortunes in the By-election.

Madhusudhanan,former chairman of AIADMK presidium will be contesting as a candidate of the faction in the AIADMK led by O Panneerselvam (OPS)

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Contradictory Reports On Jayalalithaa’s Death

Chennai: From the day of Jayalalithaa’s demise, Dec 5th, TN politics plunged into deep crisis with contradictory statements about AMMA’s treatment and nature of death.

Here are a few doubts raised by Primepost Correspondent after observing the statements regarding treatment of Jayalalitha after medical summary was submitted by AIIMS and Apollo Doctors.

Jayalalitha was brought to hospital with fever and dehydration-this is what Doctors report says, Amma was in unconscious condition when she was admitted-Medical report.

OPS, ex-CM claims that he was not informed a single word about treatment, Doctors’ version is totally different saying that each and every step of treatment was informed to CM during that course.

Jayalalithaa put her thumb impressions on B-forms during by-elections, but medical reports say, she was not in a position to do so.

Now, after observing these turns and twists, politicians and common man are expressing doubts about the medical reports which are suspected to have been tampered according to directions of AIIDMK top leadership.

Meanwhile, doctors of Apollo expressed their concerns about treating VVIPs after doubts were expressed about Jayalalithaa’s death. They also fear that trust in the medical fraternity may impact due to these issues.

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AIIMS Submits Jaya’s Medical Report To Government

Chennai: Team of AIIMS doctors handed over medical report of Jayalalithaa to TN Government on Monday in Chennai.
Reports, which include analysis of Jayalalithaa’s health condition, prepared by AIIMS doctors who visited 5 times to Apollo when she had undergone treatment for 75 days before having her last breathe on Dec 5th.

Srinivas, AIIMS Deputy Director of Administration, handed over the reports to Tamil Nadu’s Principal Health secretary J. Radha Krishnan on Monday.

Different sections and parties raised their doubt on Amma’s death with opposition DMK approaching Madras High Court for probe, O.Pannerselvam submitting a memorandum to President Pranab Mukharjee pushed TN government into trouble.
On Sunday, Health Minister Vijayabhaskar condemned baseless allegations made by OPS on Jayalalithaa’s death stating OPS claim was a foul cry.

But today’s move assures significance in TN politics with AIIMS Doctors submitting analysis report on treatment of Amma.

Team lead by Khilnani, Professor in the department of pulmonology, on the request of TN government visited Apollo Hospital to supervise her health condition, Srinivas said.

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Photos Not Released Respecting Jaya’s Wish: Apollo Doctors

Chennai: Apollo Hospital doctors informed High Court about the conditions prevailing at the hospital that prevented them from releasing J Jayalalithaa’s photos when she was admitted in hospital.

The management of Apollo Hospital, where Amma had her last breathe, Was questioned about the treatment she had in last days of her life. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed by Joseph seeking appointment of an enquiry commission to probe into the death of Jayalalitha.

Responding to the PIL, Apollo Hospitals management came forward with a statement that all information was released as per Jayalalitha’s wish while keeping in mind the interest of public order.

London based physician Dr. Richard Beale condemned baseless allegations on the so called conspiracy behind her death. She had severe infection and was on  supportive care, but no conspiracy, Dr Richard said. Jayalalitha had her last breathe on Dec 5th after being treated for nearly 70 days in Apollo Hospitals here.

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Deepa Launches Party on Jaya’s Birth Anniversary

Chennai: Late J Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar announced formation of a new political party in Tamil Nadu. She declared war on the ruling party headed by Sasikala. She unveiled the party flag. The name of the party or forum is ‘ MGR Amma Deepa Peravai’. A torch, MGR and Jayalalithaa figured on the flag. She hopes to unite anti-Sasikala groups. She did not rule out tied with O Panneerselvam, former CM.

Late Jayalalithaa’s 69th birthday was observed across Tamil Nadu with feasts, distributing food to the poor along with the fight over her legacy.

Sasikala’s proxy, CM E Palaniswamy made it look different by announcing welfare schemes and planting saplings. He also announced 69 lakh saplings with a budget of 66 crores to increase green cover, in and around Government premises.

O Pannerselvam, who fought for legacy until he lost the battle in Trust vote, gave welfare assistance to people of Thondiarpet of North Chennai.  But there were digs at each other during these celebrations like Pannerselvam demanding once again that  judicial enquiry on AMMA’s death be conducted.

Chinnamma Sasiakala, who was in jail in Disproportionate Assets (DA) case, wrote a letter to party cadre that after spending 33 years as an aide to Amma, now feeling lonely in a jail with her memories revolving round her.

Deepa, Jaya’s niece, reiterated that she will be contesting in the by-election from R.K.Nagar constituency and Amma’s rule will be re-established in the state. Her meeting with OPS was just a symbol of mutual respect and  she will fight alone in the elections, Deepa added.

Deepak Jayakumar, nephew of Late Amma, raised his voice against Sasikala for appointing Dhinakaran  as AIDMK  Deputy General Secretary. Dhinakaran  was supposed to be a proxy to Sasikalafelt that Dinakaran is not fit for that post, he said.

Jayakumar said OPS should have appointed in place of Dhinakaran. Jayalalitha expired  on Dec 5th and  the fight for her legacy is still running even on the day  of her 69th birthday.

Since Friday morning crowds swelled at the residence of Deepa. She said in a press conference that she believed Jayalalithaa was innocent in DA case.

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Dividing the Discontent, New Game in Indian Politics

Hyderabad: It looks as though our political leaders are clever in fooling the voters. Ruling party always tries to retain power, with opposition trying its best to regain the chair, this is what we have been seeing for the past 60 years in Indian politics.

New trend has started in this political game with allies competing with each other with an intention to keep check for opposition parties. Speculations on this factor always remain in the realm of imagination forcing the voters keep their finger on nose after coming to know about real picture.

Late J Jalalithaa with Vijayakanth went into elections on the same platform and won comfortably but in the later elections they contested as opponents keeping anti-incumbency votes divided. In United Andhra, same thing happened with Chiranjeevi’s PRP and congress in 2009 elections with YSR retaining his CM seat for second time. Pawan kalyan, who supported TDP-BJP alliance in 2014 elections, is now raising his voice against the TDP. He has been extremely careful in his occasional speeches in which he would not make any adverse comments on the main leaders- Narendra Modi and Nara Chandrababu Naidu.  A senior member of Film Chamber and Producers’ Council, Thamma reddy Bharadwaja recently raised a question on this issue targeting Pawan Kalyan who preferred to remain mum.

Dividing the anti-incumbency vote has helped the Shiv Sena and the BJP in BMC elections. They may ultimate share power or not but they had together decimated the Congress through the tactics of preventing the anti- incumbency votes from going to the Congress party. In the games the politicians play, it is always the voters that become victims.

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  1. Padmaja says:

    This is called chanakya neethi. Ultimately India should be developed.

  2. Padmaja says:

    This is called chanakya neethi.Ultimate goal is developing India keeping dynasties aside.

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Learn to take criticism: Supreme court to Jayalalitha

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today, strongly reprimanded Chief Minister Jayalalitha for bringing defamation cases against opposition leaders in her home state of Tamil Nadu.  “Accept that you are a public figure and you have to face criticism,” she was told.

“Tamil Nadu is the only state which misuses state machinery to fight defamation cases.” Judges observed.

More than 200 defamation cases have been filed by the state government in the last five years. 55 cases are against the media, 85 against the ruling party’s main rival, the DMK.

Opposition leader, and also a former actor, Vijayakanth, challenged this in the Supreme Court.  He has been named in 28 defamation cases for criticising Ms Jayalalitha and her government.  The Supreme Court will hear next on September 21.

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