AI lifts ban on Gaikwad

Gaikwad to travel without apologizing as government succumbs to Sena’s pressure.
AI lifts ban on Gaikwad

New Delhi: Aviation Ministry writes to Air India to lift the ban on Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad for which the airlines responded positively. The ban was lifted with immediate effect.

A controversy has been raging for the past few days about the unruly behaviour of Sena MP with the crew in the Air India flight which he boarded. The outraged staff demanded an apology from the MP to let him fly in the airlines for which Gaikwad refused. Thus a ban was imposed on him.

The whole issue has taken a political turn and Sena backed their MP without reprimanding him for his behaviour.The Shiv Sena MPs in the parliament warned the government that they would protest if the issue of Gaikwad has not been solved immediately. The government relented and wrote to the airlines.

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Collusion Averted At Delhi Airport

A collusion between two aircraft was averted by the alert staff at Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi.

New Delhi: A collusion between two aircraft was averted by the alert staff at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Air India and Indigo fights were found to be on the same runway on Friday afternoon. The pilots have shown presence of mind and averted what would have been a major mishap.

There appears to be a gap in communication and the two pilots have parked their aircraft on the same runway.

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Air India Refuses To Fly Shiv Sena MP Once Again

New Delhi: The unrepentant Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad was shown the door by Air India for the second time in a week by cancelling his ticket on Tuesday.

” I hit him (The Air India employee) 25 times with my slippers,” Gaikwad had that audacity to repeat at media conference. He had an altercation with Deputy Manager of Air India Sukumar Raman,60, when he flew from Pune to Delhi. The MP was upset that he had to fly economy in spite of holding Ma business class ticket. The aircraft he chose to fly had no business section. The officer did not have any option except requesting the NP to get adjusted with economy class.

Shiv Sena said it is for Air India to introspect for the poor quality of services. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan pitched on Monday for an amicable resolution of the issue involving domestic airlines’ blanket ban on Shiv Sena MP. “MPs have to attend Parliament and they cannot travel by train always. At times, they need to travel by plane also. I feel that this issue (blanket ban) should be resolved amicably through talks,” said the Speaker. However, she made it clear that she is not passing judgment on the issue. As many as six private domestic airlines have put Gaikwad on no flying list.

The current Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) on ‘handling unruly/disruptive passengers’ has ‘some gaps’ which needs to be plugged, said an officer dealing with the issue.

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All Airlines In India Ban Rogue MP Gaikwad

New Delhi: Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad has been barred from flying by four private Indian carriers after his stupid assault on an Air India officer. Air India has blacklisted him on Friday for his rude behaviour.

The Federation of Indian Airlines, which has IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and GoAir as members, has taken a strong view on the unrepentant MP.

Gaikwad has admitted that he assaulted an Air India staffer 25 times with a slipper and tried to throw him out of the aircraft. It is a common practice with international airlines and some of the private Indian airlines to blacklist rowdy elements.

It is a matter of interest to know that the first time MP from Osmanabad, Gaikwad is the first law breaker from Maharashtra.

Meanwhile, R Sukumar, Duty Manager of Air India, who was assaulted by the MP, tweeted that he is not scared. ” I am not scared at all, have been doing public dealing. Many people get irritated on such issues,” he said.

Gaikwad not only refused to say sorry, he dashed a complaint to Ashok Ganapathi Raju, Minister for Civil Aviation, and Sumitra Mahajan, Lok Sabha Speaker, demanding an enquiry into the incident. Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray asked the erring MP for an explanation. Gaikwad’s complaint was that he was forced to travel economy class in Pune-New Delhi flight AI-852 although he had an open business class ticket. He stayed back in the flight after it landed in Delhi airport creating a scene for an hour.

The Thursday incident has provoked a fresh debate on the need to have a ‘no-fly’ list of rogue passengers. Sukumar in his complaint said while the plane landed in Delhi at 9.40 am, Ravindra Gaikwad refused to get out. 115 passengers were waiting to get into the aircraft which is scheduled to fly to Goa and the MP was hurling abuses.

MPs having arguments and quarrels with airlines authorities is not a new phenomenon. Recently, Diwakar Reddy, MP from Anantapur, had a tiff with the airlines staff at Vijayawada for not waiting for him. By the time he reached Gannavaram airport, the doors of the carrier were closed and it was all set to take off and he insisted on getting into the carrier. It was not allowed and he indulged in foul language. But no complaint was registered. Since Air India is a government owned airlines, the MPs who have been enjoying a number of privileges do get into arguments and lose temper with the officials. But hitting an official with a slipper for 25 times and not repenting is a peculiar case of sheer madness.

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Airbus A 320 Neo Lands In Gannavaram Airport

Vijayawada: Airbus A 320 Neo, Air India’s latest aircraft, landed in Gannavaram airport on Wednesday. As a mark of maiden service, it was welcomed by Water Cannon salute.

Madhusudhan Rao, Vijayawada Airport Director and Air India manager Rajasekharan greeted the pilots and congratulated them.

This Airbus will serve the route New Delhi-Vijayawada Via Hyderabad. This new Aircraft is with a capacity of 162 seats and most fuel efficient one.

Air India took 14 Aircrafts for lease across India, out of which one was provided for Gannavaram.


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Air India to fly over Pacific Ocean to cut fuel costs

Air India will soon start flying over the Pacific Ocean region for its profitable direct services to San Francisco from New Delhi to save significant fuel costs and time.

Aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has approved the new route. Air India would double the frequency of its Delhi-San Francisco direct flights to six per week from November. DGCA approval for pacific route comes as a boost for the national carrier. Air India would also be the first Indian carrier to operate on the Pacific region route. In the new route, Air India would fly eastwards to reach San Francisco by crossing the vast Pacific Ocean.

Even though the route would be almost 1,400 km more compared to the current trajectory where the flight flies over the Atlantic, there would be significant saving on fuel and journey time due to powerful tailwinds.

According to a pilot, the plane, on an average burns, 9600 ltrs of fuel for each hour of flying. Explaining how the aircraft would fly faster, the pilot said earth rotates from west to east and winds also flow in that direction.

So, flying west means facing strong headwinds (that decreases an aircraft’s actual ground speed and more fuel is spent), while flying east means getting strong tailwinds which raises the speed and lessens fuel consumption, he added.

Weather conditions and speed of winds in the Pacific region would help the airline in reducing fuel burn and the overall journey time by three hours in winter and an hour in summer.

During winter per trip 28,800 liters of fuel and during summer per trip 9600 ltrs of fuel will be saved. This is  advantageous  for both Air India and its passengers.

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