Ahead Of Presidential Elections, Rahul Rallies Opposition

It looks like Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is working on bringing unity among the Opposition ahead of the Presidential elections. Having reached out to the SP in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress is now trying for tie-up with other parties across the country to fight against the mighty BJP-led NDA.
Ahead Of Presidential Elections, Rahul Rallies Opposition

Vijayawada: The success of the Congress-sponsored all-party meeting at Guntur on Special Category Status (SCS) leaves an impression that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has started the exercise to keep the non-BJP parties together. The very presence of the Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav from Uttar Pradesh, JDU chief Sharad Yadav, Laloo Prasad Yadav’s RJD leader Jaya Prakash Yadav, Tamil Nadu’s DMK leader Elangovan and CPI secretary general Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy at the Guntur meeting shows the unity efforts of Rahul Gandhi. The meeting also had the backing of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamatha Benerjee’s TMC, Maharastra’s strong man Sharad Pawar’s NCP, the CPI-M, Jammu-Kashmir’s Farooq Abdulla’s National Conference and Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena add the strength of the Opposition that Rahul Gandhi is targeting.

While the UP elections have brought the Congress and SP together, the Guntur meeting had broadened the Opposition unity with more parties joining the Congress. The DMK in Tamil Nadu is leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the death of AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa and is determined to return to power soon. It is now moving close to the Congress to prevent the BJP take advantage of the squabbles in the AIADMK. The alliance with the Congress, thus, seems to be more important for the DMK than the Congress and that made Rahul’s plans easy to have DMK in his pocket. The Left which is strong in Kerala is already with the Congress as CPI-M is supporting the Congress in its fight against the mighty BJP. Sources said that Rahul is seriously trying for an alliance with the Kumara Swamy’s JD (S) in Karnataka that would give a clear base for the Congress in the south. In Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana, the Congress is already with the Left parties to fight against the TDP and TRS in the next elections.

In north, the SP in UP, RJD in Bihar, NCP in Maharastra, National Conference in Jammu-Kashmir, besides others, is giving a comfortable base for the Congress for the next round of elections. These parties, besides the Congress and the Left, are convinced of the political compulsion that is required to beat the BJP, particularly in the light of demonetization and the proposed ban on meat.

Rahul Gandhi, besides pressing for the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh, had also stressed the need for non-BJP and non-NDA to come together and the unity efforts are set to start from the Presidential elections due in two months from now.

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Presidential Elections: Typical Style In South Indian Politics

South Indian Politics witnessed surprise support from political parties bringing enemies together during Presidential elections.

Hyderabad: Presidential Elections which will be held on July 17 created a special conditions in South Indian politics.

In Andhra Pradesh, TDP which is an ally of BJP extended support to Ram Nath Kovind, but the main opposition party YSRCP too declared its support to Ram Nath Kovind even before the TDP announced its backing. YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said in a social media message that Ram Nath is a “Fine Statesman”.

Be it opportunism by the opposition party or ruling party, Presidential election brought staunch rivals on one platform in their decision to support NDA’s nominee.

TDP MLA Muddu Krishnama Naidu felt that Presidential election is about electing non-party personality. There is nothing wrong in YSRCP supporting Kovind, he said, While TDP welcomed YSRCP’s move, Communist parties quickly moved towards Congress by saying YSRCP’s move is opportunism.

Every party has its own interests and is least bothered about secularism or federalism, Thelkapalli Ravi, political analyst felt.

In Tamil Nadu, AIDMK which was split into three factions by their leaders stood as one in supporting NDA’s nominee for Presidential elections.

Dinakaran cleverly mentioned Sasikala’s name by saying as per her direction his faction is extending support to Ram Nath.

Cases on Dinakaran and Sasikala are running and they don’t want to take further risk and fight with the ruling party which is all powerful.

Yes, it is the BJP which is finally calling the shots with its calculations keeping in view the 2019 elections.

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Presidential Elections: Ram Nath Kovind To File Nomination Papers On Friday

NDA’s nominee Ram Nath will file 4 sets of nomination papers today. He will be facing UPA candidate Meira Kumar in the President’s race.

New Delhi: Ram nath Kovind will file nomination papers today for the post of 15th President of India while PM Modi accompanies him.

BJP has prepared 4 sets of nominations for this procedure. First set will be signed by PM Modi, second one by Andhra CM Naidu, third set by BJP National President Amit Shah and fourth one will be by Shiroman Akali Dal leader Prakash Singh Badal.

Telangana CM KCR, two groups of AIADMK belonging to Panneerselvan, palaniswami, Shiva Sena, JD ( U) , BJD, YSRCP have extended support to Kovind.

Meanwhile, Congress nominated Meira Kumar on Thursday as the combined opposition candidate. She was supported by Communist parties, TMC,SP, and BSP.

BSP withdrew its support to Meira kumar after congress announced former Lok Sabha Speaker as its candidate.

It is just a cake walk for Kovind to enter Rastrapathi Bhavan. He enjoys the backing of 62% votes and may increase further with undecided parties like AAP and a few others throwing their weight behind him. President Pranab Mukherjee will demit office on 24 July and Kovind will be the second Dalit to occupy the highest post of the land after K.R.Narayan.

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Presidential Elections: Has Modi’s Plan Worked?

By announcing a Dalit candidate for President, Modi was successful in splitting opposition parties.

New Delhi: BJP’s last minute pick of Ram Nath Kovind as Presidential candidate was a surprise to media and to all parties. Modi was successful by bringing saffron mark ‘Kovind ‘into Rastrapathi Bhavan by using the trump card of Dalit keeping an eye on 2019 elections.

Kovind , presently Governor of Bihar , has all kinds of qualifications to be Presidential candidate but his name by Modi for the first citizen of India surprised one and all. Kovind himself did not expect until last minute.

Congress was still in dilemma to say yes or no for NDA’s pick. Ghulam Nabi Azad said that Sonia Gandhi will be presiding over a meeting of all the major allies to discuss this issue. But BJP leaders said PM Modi has a word with Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh before announcing Ram Nath as their candidate.

Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, CPI General Secretary said that they will oppose any candidate with RSS background. He also clarified that they will put up a candidate against Ram Nath.

TMC‘s excuses is not up to the mark. As per CM Mamatha if the candidate is a well known person like Sushma or Advani it is the better choice. Though she is not saying Kovid is unfit for President, her decision will be finalised after opposition parties meet on June 22nd. At the last meeting N she said that there are many Dalit leaders in the country who can be selected, thus leaving her intentions to calculate by us.

TDP, TRS, YSRCP, AIDMK, BJD, all parties extended their support for Ram Nath.

But at last it was Modi who was successful in breaking UPA allies for this election. Modi whose agenda for 2019 elections will be Ayodhya, along with anti-corruption government will the use of Dalit card too in Northern region for his political benefit, felt political experts.

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Draupadi Murmu, BJP’s Pick For Next President?

Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murumu is on top priority list prepared by BJP for Next President of India.

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has already kept option of the name Draupadi Murmu as President even though the BJP panel is seriously considering names including that of Najma Hepthullah.

According to highly placed source of BJP from New Delhi, choosing Murmu as President has lots of advantages for BJP. Main reason is Tribal trump card which will push opposition into trouble making it difficult to vote against her and if she wins, she will be the first Adivasi President of India.

Draupadi Murmu, who hails from Odisha state, is the tribal face of the BJP in Mayurbhanj District of Odisha. She took charge as Governor of Jharkhand two years ago and became the first woman from Odisha to become Governor.

Prior to that, she held many portfolios in Naveen Patnaik led Biju Janatha Dal Government. She was chosen as best MLA and was felicitated with Nilkantha award.

BJP will fetch if it files Murmu as candidate hoping to counter opposition allegations of the NDA Government of being anti-tribal. At present scenario, Murmu’s name is almost finalised for Presidential candidate, but we can’t say as BJP is known to spring a surprise.

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Presidential Election On July 17

The schedule for the presidential poll has been announced by the Election Commission and the polling will take place on July 17 to elect a new President in place of Pranab Mukherjee.

New Delhi: The election for the 14th President of India will be held on July 17, if necessary, as the term of present President Pranab Mukherjee will expire on July 24. The counting will take place on July 20, announced the Election Commission on Wednesday.

Announcing the schedule for the Presidential election at a press conference the Chief Election Commissioner Naseem Zaidi said that the nominations can be filed from June 18 and the last day for nominations is June 28.

The election for President and Vice President will be held according to Article 324, he said.

The Electoral College to pick a President comprises of all elected MPs and MLAs. Each vote also has a weightage or value depending on the size of the population he or she represents.

MPs have the highest value — 708 — for each vote, while the value of an MLA’s vote depends on the population of the state.

The schedule released by the Election Commission:

Date for issuing notification — June 14

Last date for filing nomination — June 28

Date for Scrutiny of nomination — June 29

Last date for withdrawal of nomination — July 1

Election, if necessary — July 17

Counting of votes, if necessary — July 20

Meanwhile, the Opposition parties led by Congress formed a panel to pick their presidential candidate, though it wants the government to propose a suitable name. But the NDA is silent over the name till now. As the Election Commission released the schedule of the poll, BJP might announce the name.

As BJP is wielding power at the Centre and in many States, the prospects of pushing own candidates are bright.

However, the analysts feel that there might be a tough contest in the polls as some of the parties might backtrack and not vote for the ruling party proposed candidate.

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TRS To Support BJP In Presidential Poll

While Congress president Sonia Gandhi swung in action to mobilise the opposition parties to put up a joint candidate in the forthcoming Presidential elections, the TRS spoke of supporting NDA candidate.

Hyderabad:  The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), which is considered a neutral party by political analysts as it maintains equidistance from UPA and NDA, finally decided whom to support in the Presidential elections.

As the Presidential elections are fast approaching, TRS claimed that it will support the candidate put up by ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) if it works in favour of their State.

Since the tenure of present President Pranab Mukherjee will end this July, all political parties swung into action to place their choice in the seat.

As the Opposition parties are putting efforts to put up a joint candidate for the presidential elections, TRS too quickly decided and made an offer to the Central government. But it also warned that it will not hesitate to turn against the government if it did not work for Telangana’s welfare.

Expressing his views, TRS MP Jitender Reddy said that “if it does good for the Centre and also for our State, we will definitely support the government.”

As all the opposition parties were rejected by people in the Assembly elections held recently, it took time for the parties to chalk out a strategy to fight against BJP. BSP chief Mayawati announced her support to Mahaghatbandhan consisting of all anti-BJP parties if it is formed. Akhilesh too supported it. Now, reports say that Congress president Sonia Gandhi will be meeting BSP supremo Mayawati, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and DMK working president MK Stalin.

Though there were some noises about the formation of Mahagahatbandhan to stop the BJP juggernaut, nothing solid has happened till now. Congress president who was away from the political scene much before the Assembly elections decided to bring all like-minded parties together. She started meeting various heads of parties. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi spoke to Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, while Sonia spoke to Mulayam Singh and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Yadav.

Discussions were held between NCP chief Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi about putting up a joint opposition candidate.

Congress president who swung into action already held meetings with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury and CPI leader D Raja regarding the issue.

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