Ah, Another Derogatory Comment by Chalapathi Rao, When Will He Change?

Tollywood actor Chalapathi Rao who was slapped by Tollywood celebrities for his comments against women in an film promo function, he once again made comments on women which are not acceptable.

Hyderabad: Recently actor Chalapathi Rao was slapped by Film Celebrities over his derogatory comments on Women at Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam Promo.

Controversy raged over actor Chalapathi Raoa��s comments in the social media sites. When the anchor of the show asked him if girls are dangerous she was expecting a funny answer from him. But the answer he gave not only stunned her but all the audience sitting in the auditorium. He said, a�?They are not dangerous, they are useful in bed?a�?

But actor did not look to be repent for what had happened. In an interview he came up with a vulgar talk on dressing of the women.

He said current daya��s women are tempting or instigating men to comment on them by exposing the dressing exposed. Women should change their style of dressing, it is not the mistake of youngsters, they will naturally comment or tease if women doesna��t dress properly, Chalapathi Rao said.

Anchor questioned him that why should men comment even if they dress in their own style, Chalapathi Rao said that people have freedom of expression in this democratic country and women should walk keeping heads down.

He made a shameless comment on girls who are entering into adolescence stage. He said these girls were given half saris and give chance to youngsters to tease.

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