AgriGold Issue Leaves Pawan Kalyan Behind, Left Joins Jagan

Amaravati: Something has happened on Thursday that would have adverse effect on the political plans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The prolonged agitation by the AgriGold victims has brought Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and the leaders of the Left parties together. Pawan has been assiduously cultivating CPI leader Ramakrishna for some months.

When thousands of victims of AgriGold gathered to protest against the apathy of the TDP government, the Opposition has moved an adjournment motion. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has read out his statement. When Opposition leader started talking, the ruling party has implemented its strategy which is by now known to the people of Andhra Pradesh as evasive tactics. Except raising his voice to promise that he would do everything to help the victims and take stringent action against the management of Agri Gold, the CM did not say anything concrete to assuage the feelings of the devastated families.

When Jagan was suggesting that the government could pay ₹ 1100 crore to rescue the victims and recover the money by disposing the properties of AgriGold, Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad has cut the mike and gave it to half a dozen ministers and MLAs. This has been the practice in AP Assembly right from the beginning. The ministers and other members spoke, as usual, against the Opposition leader. Lakhs of victims across 8 states who have been watching the TVs were hoping that the CM would announce some substantial measures to help them were crestfallen. Ministers Yenamala Ramakrishnudu and Achhen Naidu were on their feet making allegations against the opposition leader. Butchaiah Chowdary butted in to call Jagan and his late father YS Rajasekhar Reddy names. Then Anita, the habitual baiter of the opposition was given opportunity by the Speaker to divert the attention to an old issue involving the Speaker. Chief Whip Kalva Srinivasulu also heaped abuse on the leader of the opposition.

The challenges by Minister Pattipati Pullarao and Speaker’s decision to show his old media conference avoiding the controversial remarks he made about women comparing them with cars (these remarks were shown and commented upon by the national media) were all aimed at diverting the focus from the victims. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his friends are allegedly involved in precipitating the crisis by encouraging the customers to demand payment of money. The TDP leaders and friends were allegedly having their eye on Hailands, a prime property they were reportedly trying to take over. That property is not sought to be auctioned. The same kind of crisis faced by Margadarsi Chit Funds a few years ago was weathered away by a strong and seasoned businessman like Ch Ramoji Rao with the help of the powerful people in the country. But the promoters of Agri Gold who lack connections and dynamism have been languishing in jail. Their misfortune was that they tried to get over the problem with the help of the CM and his friends. In the meanwhile, the crisis went out of the hand and the victims have been mobilised by the leaders of the CPM and CPI.

Pawan Kalyan who made guest appearances to console the people who were suffering on account of kidney problem at Uddanam or land being forcibly taken near Mangalagiri or farmers not getting their loans waived fully as promised in the TDP election manifesto could not find time for the victims of AgriGold scam. The Power Star was left behind in the issue concerning lacks of people since he has no clarity about his political roadmap and the time needed to involve in politics fully since he is busy with shooting.

The Left leaders were willy nilly forced to join hands with YS Jagan who aggressively pursued the issue inside and outside the Assembly. The picture of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy flanked by Madhu of CPM and Ramakrishna of the CPI talking to the victims has fulfilled the long felt need in the politics in AP. This is perhaps the combination that is going to fight TDP, BJP and Jana Sena in 2019. Whether the two ruling parties and the fledgling Jana Sena would fight the elections together or separately is yet to be decided. But Pawan Kalyan cannot hope to have Left parties with him any more.

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