Administrative City In Amaravati To Be Ready Before Elections

AP CM Naidu is hurrying the officials now to get the administrative city in Amaravati ready by the time the State goes for next round of elections in 2019. He wants the buildings of the Assembly, Secretariat and High Court to be ready at least halfway so that he can seek fresh mandate. He is after the Norman and Fosters, the British firm which is designing the city and buildings for the capital, to complete the designs by August.
Administrative City In Amaravati To Be Ready Before Elections

Guntur: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is now focusing more on converting his dream of capital city into a reality – at least half way if not complete – by the time the election bell rings in 2019. He is busy sprucing up the administration to begin the work of constructing the High Court, Assembly and Secretariat buildings now. The Norman and Fosters firm which is designing the capital city and the buildings has been asked to present the final version of the Assembly and High Court building designs by August end. Though the firm had submitted the two designs last week, Chandrababu Naidu had changed the High Court building design for Assembly and the Assembly building design for the High Court. The company is now working on redesign and is scheduled to submit the Assembly design by August 15 and High Court design by August 30.

The chief minister  plans to go for yet another round of foundation ceremony in a big way for the administrative capital on September 30, the day of Dasara – Vijaya Dasami. If the construction works begin in October 2017, the government would have exactly one-and-a-half years on hand to complete these two structures about which Naidu is firm.

The temporary Secretariat constructed at Velagapudi, the six-lane express way being formed from Venkatapalem to Thulluru and the two government buildings of Assembly and High Court, would stand as his contribution for the new capital Amaravati which he is planning to project for his next election. He is planning to seek the new mandate in 2019 by showing these works to the people and promising that he had to come back to complete the works. Naidu and his team are already campaigning that the YSR Congress, if voted to power in 2019, would shift the capital and Amaravati would be accomplished only if TDP is returned.

Naidu is now going all out to show Amaravati on the ground by the end of 2018 as the next round of elections are slated for April-May in 2019. He had already directed the rank and file of the party and also the bureaucracy to do everything before 2018 as they have no time after that. He had drafted the officials in the key departments to carryout his targets.

Amaravati and Polavaram project are his two major targets on which Naidu is banking for the next round of elections. It is for this reason, he wants Polavaram Project to be done at least 75 per cent and the Amaravati capital at least by 25 per cent. It is to be seen how he would handle the two projects before he begins the campaign for the next round of elections in 2019.

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