Actor Pradeep’s Suicide: Wife Pavani Denies Allegations

Will allegations of foul play in the suicide committed by TV actor Pradeep Kumar making rounds, his wife Pavani says she is innocent.

Hyderabad: Pavani Reddy, TV actor, has condemned the comments suspecting foul play in the suicide of her husband Pradeep Kumar, who is also a popular TV actor. She insisted that there are no differences between her and Pradeep and the latter had committed suicide out of a fit of emotion. He is hyper-sensitive and quickly gets emotional. There was a brief argument between her and her husband, but it was not so serious to warrant suicide, she explained. ‘Sravan is my brother and we celebrated his birthday on Tuesday,’ said Pavani.

Pavani has expressed anguish saying that she is not able to understand who is spreading the rumours making baseless allegations against her. She requested every one to understand her plight. She explained that they had celebrated her brother’s birthday and after dinner her sister and her family had left. After that there was an argument between her and her husband who became angry, broke the glass and locked himself in his bedroom. She said she slept weeping in the hall near dining table.

“Since Pradeep has shooting in the morning, I knocked his door at about 5 am. There was silence. Then I broke open the door with the help of my brother. We found Pradeep hanging to the fan. We brought him down and called the ambulance. Then I informed my mother. After that I telephoned Pradeep’s family members who live in Chennai. They did not answer the call. Then I informed his brother,” narrated Pavani.

Pavani said she has no issues with Pradeep’s family members saying that her mother-in-law stayed with her for a few months.

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