Art Director Chinna Leaves After Relatively Brief Interrogation

Chinna changed three vehicles to reach the SIT office in the morning to avoid media glare. Post interrogation, he left without interacting with the waiting media.

Hyderabad: Unlike his predecessors, art director Chinnaa��s interrogation on Tuesday lasted for about four hours. This is quite short compared to film director Puri Jagannadh grilling for 10 hours, as against Subbarajua��s 11 hours, Taruna��s 13 hours and Navdeepa��s 12 hours. His blood samples were also not collected.

Chinna has worked for many of Puri Jagannadha��s films. It is learnt that the SIT asked him about his relations with Puri, Calvin, Jishan and others who supplied drugs. About 45 questions were posed to him during the interrogation, mainly about Puri and others involved in drugs racket.

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It is learnt that the questions asked were more to get information and not about his personal habits. Officials said that they had got some leads from Chinnaa��s interrogation. The actor all the while maintained that he is no way related to the drugs case.

Chinna left the SIT office without interacting with the media. Earlier in the morning, he had changed three vehicles to reach the SIT office to avoid media.

Four more film celebrities are scheduled to be interrogated later.

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