Act Against Police For Blunder On Ayesha Case: Asad

Hyderabad: Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has come down heavily on the police for ‘mishandling’ the case of the murder of Ayesha Meira in Vijayawada some nine years ago. Reacting on the judgment of the Hyderabad High Court to release the alleged convict Satyam Babu stating he was ‘innocent’, Mr Asadudddin said it was a monumental blunder of the police to book an innocent and confine him in the jail for nine years. “The responsible police officers should be booked and cases should be filed against to prosecute them. Who will bring back the precious ten years life to Satyam Babu? The pain, agony he and his family have undergone has been immense. Who will console them? Strangely no political leader is reacting on the police’s epic blunder. Even the government too keeps mum. Certainly police deserves punishment. Only then, such follies would not recur” Mr Asad felt.

Ayesha was found murdered and her body was recovered from the bathroom of her hostel. Satyam Babu was implicated in the case and there was a hue and cry by several people’s organizations against his detention. Finally justice has prevailed the High Court has set aside the lower court’s verdict and set him free. The High Court has also opined that there should be a mechanism that police who committed mistakes and book false cases shall also be tried.

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