Absconding Justice Karnan Arrested in Coimbatore

Justice Karnan who was sentenced for 6 months by Supreme Court for contempt of court was arrested at Coimbatore on Tuesday.
Absconding Justice Karnan Arrested in Coimbatore

Coimbatore:A� Kolkota High Court Judge who was absconding for more than a month after Supreme Court sentenced him for six months was finally arrested in Coimbatore today.

When a team of West Bengal police tried to arrest Karnan, he tried to resist and argued with the police, however he was taken into custody forcibly by the police. He was traced by phone callas as per CID.

Karnana��s tenure ended on June 12th and he became first judge to have in absentia.

He was issued an arrest warrant by Supreme Court for his defamatory remakrs on Top court collegiums system. Earlier, he was ordered by seven judge Special bench of SC to undergo mental health check up which was refused by Karnan by saying he is normal.

Justice Karnan became the first High Court judge in the history of Indian judiciary after he appeared in Supreme Court on March 31st.

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