Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Contest winners

Risheek Loya; Dhruv G; Shanmukh Vikas; Vijaya Kaasyapa; Nama Sri Shashank; T. Chaitanya; M. Sathyavardhan Reddy; D. Saketh Ram Sai; B. Saketh; G. Sai Pranav; A.Vinay Teja; B.Manish Reddy; Athul Mundanat emerged as the champions of 11thA�SIPA�A�Regional Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Contest held in Hyderabad on Sunday.A�A�A�About 1500 kids in the age group of 7 to 12 years from all over Telangana took part in the contest.A�A�The results were announced late evening on Sunday and trophies were presented to the winners.

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