AAP Wave In Punjab, BJP In Goa

New Delhi: while Goa registered a whopping 83 percent polling Punjab polled more than 70 percent. The polling in both the States went on peacefully on Saturday. Punjab assembly has 117 seats where as the tiny Goa assembly has 40 seats.

BJP appeared to have a clear edge in Goa. The Aam Aadmi Party seems to be sweeping Punjab. Prannoy Roy of NDTV and senior editor Sekhar Gupta questioned a number voters after the voting was over and the overwhelming response was in favour of AAP. When a group of villagers were asked about their preference, 14 persons raised their hands for AAP and four for the Congress. There was none for the Akalis.

‘Kejriwal Kejriwal, Saaraa Punjab Tere Naal’ and ‘Kejriwal Punjab Ki Lal’ are the slogans that were given during the electioneering. Some of the voters said the difference between the AAP and the Congress would be 60:40.

In Goa the ruling BJP is likely to retain power. The BJP won 21 seats in the assembly in 2012 election. The second place will be filled by the Congress with the AAP coming third.

The counting of the votes will take place on March 11. The last leg of the polling in the five States would end on March 8 in Uttar Pradesh.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Percentage of voting is 70% which is less compared to last elections(78%). In my view, AAP will stand in second place, congress will get slide edge and SAD will be in 3rd place. BJP , out of 23 seats it contested may stand in between 12- 14 seats, however we should appreciate Kejriwal for giving tough fight in Punjab who is eyeing on CM post.

    Most surprising issue in this election was money around 58 crs was seized, drugs around 18cr, liquor arounf 2cr, were seized, once again proving these will play crucial role in elections despite party and candidates status.

  2. If AAP wins the elections in Punjab, it will be great. At least then, the traditional Parties like INC and BJP will open
    their eyes to the mood of the nation. Let tere be winds of change for the new waves on the politcal firmament of the

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