Aadhaar Helps Lost Boy Unite With Family Again

A deaf-and-dumb boy, sitting alone at the Anuppur Railway Station in Madhya Pradesh four years ago, could provide no details to the police who sought his details. Aadhaar has restored him back to his parents.

Anuppur (Madhya Pradesh): We all feel that Aadhaar is just an identification number. But it is this number that united a missing child with his parents.

According to reports, a deaf-and-dumb child went missing four years ago. His parents did not leave any stone unturned while searching for him. But they have finally got him back due to this Unique Identification Number. The parents are now grateful only to Aaadhar Card and no one else.

The Railway Station Police of Anuppur in Madhya Pradesh saw a six-year-old boy sitting alone on the railway platform in 2013. As the boy was deaf and dumb, they could not collect any particulars from him. Following this, the district officials arranged for protection and education of the child under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme.

After four years, they decided to get him registered under Aadhaar and took the child to the registration centre. While taking the fingerprints, it was revealed that the boy had already been registered and possessed a Unique Identification Number. On the basis of this number, officials contacted the Aadhaar office in the area and got the particulars of the child.

They found that the boy’s father, Krishna Nishad, hailed from Raigarh in Chhattisgarh. Officials contacted the family and have handed over the boy to them on Monday.

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