A P CM seeks industry inputs on Smart Village / Smart Ward programme

HYDERABAD: At a meeting with industry leaders, corporates and various industrialists from health, education, biotechnology, pharma, finance, sanitation, technology and other sectors, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu asked them to contribute to the state government’s flagship programme “Smart Village / Smart Ward” programme with human interest.

The Chief Minister said that based on the respective company’s expertise, they could help the government in that sector. “You can either do this village-wise by achieving all the 20 indicators or choose a sector or area and work on it,” he said.

He suggested that industry bodies like CII, FICCI and FAPCCI could work with communities on ground and involve entrepreneurs who can mentor localities and introduce innovations that are simpler and easier to adopt. “Industrialists or corporate can work with Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru Committee for coordination at the village/mandal-level,” the Chief Minister said, adding that they are partners in the state’s development.

The Chief Minister said that the government could have a team of officials who will work with the industry on this program and make this one of the greatest “public private partnership” models.

He encouraged industrialists and corporates to encourage social entrepreneurship by mentoring and guiding local entrepreneurs.

J.A. Chowdary of IDF suggested that the government could have smartness index and quality index to measure the effectiveness of the program. Sri City Foundation’s Srini Raju accepted the Chief Minister suggestion to adopt over 100 villages near Sri City under the Smart Village/Smart Ward program. (NSS)

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