A movie on KCR

A bio-pic on KCR is in the offing. The award-winning producer Raj Kandukuri had already discussed with KTR and Kavita in this regard.


Hyderabad: Of late, the movies that are being made on celebrities are turning out to be big hits. Even the Indian audience started enjoying such bio-pics.

In this context, a film on KCR would not be surprising. Hailed as the person who achieved statehood for Telangana, KCR is literally in the heart of every Telanganite. His charisma and the way he is striving for the development of the State made Raj Kandukuri make a film on KCR. Incidentally, he is the one who produced the National Award-winning film a�?Pelli Choopulu.a�?

He is making all preparations to start shooting and release the film in 2018.

The film is being produced under the banner Dharma Patha and the title is yet to be decided. Madhura Sridhar, apart from directing the film, is busy writing story and screenplay. His schedule has become hectic as he is the one who has to choose the actors and technical staff.

The film being made on KCR will concentrate on his leadership qualities, his role in leading Telangana movement and administrative abilities. The producer has already met KTR, Kavitha and others and got their approval. Sources close to the producer said that KTR and Kavitha will directly oversee the story and screenplay of the film. However, the producer and director of this film are yet to meet KCR.

Buzz in Tollywood is that the son and daughter of KCR would be playing an important role in the making of the movie.Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma also announced that he would make a film on KCR.

The fans of KCR who are in India and abroad are eagerly waiting for the film which is being made under a good banner.

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