A Glimpse Into TANAa��s History

Telugu Association of North America (TANA) is young in age but dynamic in work progress. During 1977, the first founding conference was held in New York with 1,000 participants, and within a year, the second conference in Detroit, MI, officially named the association as Telugu Association of North America. Slowly but steadily TANA has extended its activities to various fields. So far, 19 bi-annual conferences were held in various cities in the USA, getting attention of Telugu people worldwide. Each conference with one president and one coordinator conducted deliberations, while hundreds of people extended their help. TANA has encouraged local talent and involved youth and experts from various fields.

From President Bill Clinton to K. R. Narayan, the former president of India, the conferences have been highlighted by the messages, speeches and advice of various distinguished leaders. Each conference has played a unique role with stage dramas, folk arts, songs, performances by cine artists, and participation of experts in various fields like business, technology, education, and music. Several talented people from various walks of life have given their excellent knowledge to the conferences. Each conference also brought out one special souvenir with articles in English and Telugu, covering wide range of subjects.

The conferences popularized TANA in all walks of life among Telugu people. After completing 19 conferences successfully, TANA steadily moved to the 20th conference held in Detroit in 2015 under the president-ship of Mohan Nannapaneni with Mr Gangadhar Nadella as coordinator. In a way it can be said that TANA is officially commenced at Detroit by coming back to the same place to conduct its 20th conference.

In between the biannual conferences, TANA has also served Telugu people continuously in Andhra Pradesh, India and in the USA. TANA foundation is the main source of service through several projects to uplift the living conditions of the people back home. Many villages in Andhra Pradesh were modernized with various projects as donors put their money.A� That includes helping cancer patients, eye camps and a few other medical services.

Telugu language promotion is another uphill task undertaken by TANA, which drew attention of boys and girls. In the USA, TANA has taken up emergency help programs to help those who were involved in accidents or duped in the name of false educational institutions.

TANA brings out monthly magazine in Telugu and English, and also runs a web magazine. It covers wide range of issues. It has editors like Dr Jampala Choudary, Mr Nehru Cherukupalli, Kidambi Raghunath, and so on.

Another special feature that TANA can proudly claim is the election of woman as its president, Ms Mutyala, Padma Sri, in democratic way. TANA pays great tribute to the yeoman work of women and their contributions to the upbringing of children.

The book a�?The Living History of TANAa�? covers all these aspects in brief for the first time ever. The title a�?living historya�? indicates that TANA has only the beginning but no end!


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