A Chinese official shouts at US official as Obama lands

HANGZHOU, China: Upon US President Barack Obama’sA�arrival in China on SaturdayA�for his final trip to Asia as POTUS, his welcome rituals were marred by an undiplomatic greeting and shoutingA�incident on the tarmac.

This tarmac incident highlighted the gap between views on human rights and press freedom, US President Barack Obama said, after the incidentA�soured the start of a global summit.

A Chinese official attempted to prevent US national security adviser Susan Rice from walking near the convoy and stepping closer to the President as she crossed a media rope. Mistaking as US reporter or a media person, he shouted angrily at her before a Secret Service agent stepped between the two.

When Susan Rice told him that it was an American plane and he is the US president, he refuted saying, a�?This is our country. This is our airporta�?. ' This is our country, our airport', shouts Chinese official as Barack Obama lands.

China has implemented strict controls ahead of the G20 summit. Amongst the tightly imposed security measures in China, Chinese personnel put forth a demand that all the US reporters who have gathered to cover US President Barack ObamaA�’s arrival should leave the scene.

The stakes are high for China to organizeA�a trouble free G20 summit of the world’s topmost economies. China looks to strengthen its global standing and avoid the acrimony over a long list of tensions with US.

Usually when US Presidents visit other countries, US national security plans their own security arrangements, without depending much on the countries they are visiting.

However, this incident didna��t have much of an impact on the scheduled meeting between US President Barack ObamaA�and the Chinese PresidentA�Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping said, “China is willing to work with the US to ensure bilateral ties stay on the right track. We hope to work with the US and other parties to achieve fruitful results during the summit to inject momentum in the global economy while lifting confidence”.

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