A Child is Killed by Her Car but Hema Malini a��s Injuries Make the Headlines – end this VIP culture

Lata Jain

Her name is Hema Malini. She is a BJP MP, a successful Bolly wood heroine. Her speeding car met with an accident and killed an innocent four year old child. What is the name of the child? Would she have survived given medical attention during golden hour? The a�?dream girl a�?heroine did not bother to show any concern to the bereaved family members.

A child has died in an accident between politician Hema Malini’s Mercedes and a Maruti Alto in Rajasthan today. The BJP leader’s car was speeding, said a police official, though the driver of the Alto may not have been paying attention. Hema Malini is not seriously hurt.

The four-year-old who was killed was travelling with four relatives including her parents and another young child who have been hospitalized.

lata jain

Lata Jain

The helpless father of the two-year-old girl, who died in a car crash with actor Hema Malinia��s sedan, is inconsolable, while the injured mother is constantly asking a�?Chinni kahan hai?a�?, not knowing her daughter is dead. The family is even more hurt that neither the actor nor her aides bothered to ask about their well-being though, they say, the accident was caused by her speeding car.

The family was travelling in an Alto car when it was smashed by Ms. Malinia��s Mercedes car coming from the opposite direction. The car was being driven by the BJP MPa��s driver Mahesh Thakur, with the film actor seated inside. The accident took place on Thursday night near Dausa, over 50 km from Rajasthan.

A news channel has been running a campaign against VIP Culture, where our netas, babus and powerful people in general seek special treatment a�� on the road, on aircraft, in school admissions, in business deals, everywhere. Never mind if their convenience is possible only by inconveniencing the public, or delivered at huge cost to the taxpayer.

It’s a culture that puts the basic values of equality and in-discrimination at stake and one that has penetrated genders and ages.

VIP culture is a status symbol for people in India. VIP culture is an age old tradition to separate the rich and the famous from the common public. So if we define and clarify the term ‘VIP’ in this context, identify privileges, and limit the number of VIP’s to the very few, 90% of the problems will dissipate in itself. When every ‘afsar’ becomes a VIP, the problem is magnified many folds and the root cause is muddied to the point of unidentifiable.

We are one country that is overly familiar with the term VIP. Everywhere we look, there are VIP signagea��s a�� VIP parking, VIP tickets, VIP enclosures, VIP entries, VIP gates, VIP seats, VIP admissions, VIP pavilions, VIP boxes (VIP suitcases, sic?), VIP seats, VIP Beds, VIP quota, VIP passage, VIP security, VIP toiletsa��even VIP jails a�� airports, temples, offices, ports, railways, hospitals, weddings, public events, plays, ports, roads, jails a�� nothing whatever is immune from the VIP effect.

The VIP phenomenon is evident in practically every sphere of our daily lives. The question is why are these fellows VIPs? Who are these VIPs after all? Folks who are supposed to be public servants? What makes them so very important? Given that they have not created a pleasant atmosphere for the rest of us to negotiate the daily travails of life, be it access to security gates, parking spots, hospital beds, railway reservations, seats in sports events, or whatever, what makes these persons so a�?Very Importanta�? that they get precedence over all the rest of us everywhere? Is democracy about equality or hierarchy in civil life?

The VIP culture in the country is one of the biggest drains of taxpayer funds and a direct contributor to the death of so many innocents. When a minister or MP plans to fly to some place on first class tickets, of course a�� their drivers and bodyguards normally have to drive the 480 kilometers down to the Coast so that when minister arrives on the plane, his convoy will be standing by to ferry them to a five star hotel.

Mahatma Gandhi fought for the rights of our people but he might be rolling helplessly at this post independence slavery of a common man to the a�?VIPa�?culture.

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  1. why the traffic is stopped for hours together when a minister or vip is on that route. These so called VIPs also should go like ordinary passengers.Even if they are late to attend a meeting or an official duty heavens will not fall by their late arrival. By stopping traffic are they attending in time to any programme? No. They are always late. Then what is the use of stopping the regular traffic?

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