9th TANA Conference – World Telugu Conference, New York (1993)

9th TANA Conference - World Telugu Conference, New York (1993)

The World Telugu conference and The TANA Conference held joint deliberations for five days in New York during July first week in 1993. It was largely attended conference with 10,000 people participating in divergent activities and discussions.

On the inaugural session day former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr N.T. Rama Rao delivered an emotional speech, which was received amidst cheers and applause.

The conference was given support by the New York Telugu Association and the Tri-State Telugu Association.

Dr. Nallamothu Satyanarayana and Dr. Dasaradha Rama Reddy had put great efforts to make the conference a grand success, and it was a turning point in the history of TANA.

The participants from USA were the largest contingent, while other enthusiastic participants were from Andhra Pradesh, Australia, Malaysia, UK, Europe, and from a few other places.

The conference which was held in Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York, has Coliseum vehicles that carried the guests to the stage with announcements.

The 9th TANA conference, along with the World Telugu Conference, was held from July 1st to 5th in the World Trade City, New York. The venue was Nassau Coliseum, Long Island.A� Telugu Literary Association of New york, Telugu Fine Arts Society joined hands to celebrate the conference. One of the unique features in the conference was the art exhibition of Suryadevara Sanjeeva Dev, renowned self-made artist from Andhra Pradesh.

K.R. Narayanan (Later President of India), P.V. Narasimha Rao, the then prime minister of India, King of Nepal sent their special messages. N.T. Rama Rao, chief minister and actor who stood for the upliftment of Telugu language and culture, specially graced the conference. Cine actor Chiranjeevi and Parvathaneni Upendra, cabinet minister in central cabinet, graced the occasion. M.V. Krishna Rao, former education minister in Andhra Pradesh, participated in the conference.

TANA specially brought out a�?Yagnama�� the story of Kalipatnam Rama Rao, which had received Central Saahitya Akademi Award.

NTR in his eloquent speech brought out the glory of Telugu language and culture. He appealed to preserve the greatness of Telugu heritage, while observing the human values in the USA.

NTRa��S Speech

Ye Desamegina – Yendu Kaalidina

Ye Peethamekkina -Yevvaraduraina

Pogadara Neetalli – Bhoomi Bharatini

Nilupara Neejaati a��Nindu Gowravamu

I salute all those who are striving to protect the heritage of Indian culture and civilization, carrying with them the sweetness of Telugu language of their mother land to continents, spreading culture and to those dedicated workers, preservers of Telugu honor, spreading glory of Andhra.

I salute, those masters in arts who are taking them to its pinnacle. My blessings to my sisters who gave this place the look as if we were attending a female festival (perantam), with their colorful decoration with a�?rangavallulu.a�� I bless all these little children who are nothing less than little gods. I offer my celestial blessings to those Telugus who came down here from around thirty countries to share their experience.

The convention looks as though Telugu is there across the world as though it glorified this place, giving a feel that Telugu language, its arts and technology congregated at this place. I salute to all those who gathered here.

I am honored for being invited as chief guest to take part in this conference organized by all those who were born in Telugu land, brought up in mothera��s lap sharing mothera��s unmatched love, learning alphabets and now working in economic, technical, science, social and political fields. I wish all the efforts you are putting that would sure to become the path laying endeavor.

Your mother, Telugu land, is keeping a constant watch over what all you are contributing to this land for its progress in the fields of science and technology that gave you space to work. Your motherland is hoping that your presence here would surely double up her happiness. Though you came away to these far off places, either for sustenance or to gain greater knowledge; remember the land you migrated to is no less than your own motherland. Can we find any difference between the love shown by the land that gave you birth and the one that is now taking care of you?

This equality is nothing but a�?Vasudhaiva Kutumbama�� (World is one family). This outlook peels off onea��s narrow mindedness, rendering one the citizen of the world. Friendship and brotherly love should become our model for living. This feel of love should be the rule that all subjects in the world are the same.

Science and technology erased the distance between people and brought all people together as if this earth is dwarfed. At one time Swamy Vivekananda, who spread sweetness of a�?Indian spiritualisma�� across the world, shortened the distance between countries, with his message to the world from this country. For this, Vivekananda had to take an adventurous journey and had to traveled all the way to this land. Today, from the ends of the world thousands of enthusiasts congregated here, even reducing the time of travel to not even ten hours, defeating the theory of time and distance.

We salute to all those who are producing live babies from test tubes, activating stopped hearts by employing top class medical knowledge, building colonies in sending interplanetary vehicles and even doing research for further knowledge in this field.

At the same time, we are also worried that the knowledge they are gaining is being used to destroy the entire world with nuclear arms. This is indeed unfortunate development and is a sad part that the entire world is worried about, that too at a time when small nations are making progress in developmental activities.

Besides some nations are kicking up communal tensions leading to wars taking toll of human life. Yet, there are many poverty-ridden nations facing health problems, illiteracy, hunger and diseases.

Why is this difference? Why is the indifference? On one side we find slogans for rightful life, on the other activities of terrorism. On one side cries for human rights, on the other hateful killings. On one side darkness around, hunger, health problems and deaths.

Is there no solution? Cana��t our intellectual energy find solutions?

Shouldna��t we find solutions in these times when some drastic changes are taking place erasing the very base, despite some of our advanced countries stepping forward to mitigate these problems by laying minimum plans.

To earn a roti, one has to stand in endless queues in one nation. To get a potful water, women has to walk miles in one country. To get food packets supplied by international agencies, people have to pray to gods above in another country.

What a miserable situation is this? How long can they suffer this? Is there no solution?

This is not a job to be attended to just by a few. You are all highly educated. Please concentrate on these problems. You are all well equipped. Get started to mitigate these evils. Move forward.

Ours is sacred land. We always chant a�?Sarve Janah Sukhnobhavantua�� — let all the people be happy. Let us start our work to fulfill these needs. Let us make a beginning.

You have all come from the land of Budha. a�?Viswa Santhia�� is our slogan. Make ways to attain peace. You came from land where Mahatma Gandhi was born. Lay plans to achieve this. Your motherland is a place that gave birth to Ambedkar. Fill your hearts with a mission to serve utterly poor with love.

You are all descendents of Swamy Vivekananda who said a�?even a starving dog would shake my conscience.a�� Please plan to help the downtrodden. The humanism in us should surface to initiate lending help to the poor. Help illiterates to become literates.

Adi Sankara said that all humans are equal. You should work in that direction. Treat all humans as equal and with dignity.

You are not just representatives of the six-crore Telugus, but you are brothers of 86 crores of Indians. You are bridge to carry the culture of the country to project the soul of the country and greatness of Telugu land. You steer the future of the Telugus.

I hope you share part of your earnings to your motherland that gave birth and progress in your life, like you are doing to the nation you are serving now. You should also share the knowledge you gained hear in politics, scientific achievements, technology, intellectual caliber and social service. Your motherland should have all the benefits you gained serving this nation to keep the wheels of Telugu land keep going. I hope you fulfill all my desires for betterment of the land you hailed from.

You are now part and parcel of the progress of this nation you are serving. You need to live as co-patriots of this land you are working for, as brothers with coexistence. I wish this countrya��s greatness would surely be further elevated because of you too.

There are two types of humans – those who choose tradition and truth a�� They are called a�?Samanyulua�� (common people). Those who implement them are the second. There should be a combination of providing help for the progress of both countries with collaborative attempts in all fields.

TANA, an old Telugu Association, putting joint efforts to make this event successful was a positive measure in elevating the pride of Telugu people. I thank the American Government for taking the Telugu peoplea��s services in equal measure in the progress of the nation, and I hope this would continue in future.

I also appeal to the parents in Telugu land to help their children learn and retain the Telugu traditions. Telugus working here should also retain their culture and help to develop the Telugu land, doing which they keep in touch with their mother land too.

Choosing New Yorka��s Long Island, amidst high raised buildings to hold this 9th conference and inviting me to address you is an honor you bestowed on me, and I thank you again for this gesture.

Committee Members:

Steering committee chairman Satyanarayana Rao Nallamothu, Coordinator and Chairman Gaddam Dasaratha Ramireddy, Co-convenors Radha Krishna Murthy, Kidambi Raghunath, Secretary Nehru Cherukupalli, Joint Secretary Mahesh Saladi, Treasurer Meka Venkata Narayana, Joint treasurer Sambasivarao Venigalla, Members Mohan Rao Bade, Murthy R. Bhavaraju, Ramakrishna Jonnada, Krishna Kochcharala Kota, R. K. Narra, Nagamma Diddempudi, Kusumakar, Ara Kuchakulla, Krishna Polavarapu, Janaki Rao, Royapeta SekharDattatreya Nori, Krishna Vemuri, Raghava Rao Polavarapu, Prasad Chalasani, Swami Dukkipati, Ramakrishna Chalikonda, Nirmala Sastry, Vijaya Dukkipati, Padmavathi Erramalli, Dr. P.S. Rao, Subhadra Nori, Sivanarayana Paturi, Mani Paturi, Rama Rao shared various responsibilities and conducted the conference successfully.



Editors: Cherukupalli Nehru (president of souvenir committee), Parinam Srinivas Rao, Kasatapadi Srinivasa Rao, Dr. Katasapadi Srinivasa Rao, Dr. Jemmi Sudha Ratnanjali.

Members: P.S. Rao, Srinivasa Rao, J. Sudha Ratnanjali

Cover page: Puppet Dolls

Messages: King of Nepal, Ex. Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, Vice-president K.R. Narayana Rao.

TANA President: Nallamothu Satyanarayana

Writers: Cherukuri Ramadevi, Kamala Chimata, Vanguri Chitten raju, P. Venugopala Rao, Yarlagadda Kimira, Venkateswara Rao Veluri, Pillalamarri Sivaramakrishna, Cherukupalli Nehru, Sista Sriramachandramurthy, Parvathi Ponnaluri, Pippilla Suryaprakasa Rao, Prasadu Varanasi, Updrasta Satyanarayana, Kolagotla Suryaprakasa Rao, Komaravolu Saroja, Kota Sundara Ramasarma, Damaraju Murthy, Kidambi Raghunatha, Srinivas, P.S.Murali, N. R. Nandi, S. S. Murthy, Brahmam Kanchibotla, Puranam Sitha, Kanaka Prasad, Syamala Jayaraman, Anamika, Ram Kolluri, Baburao Samudrala, S.V.Rama Rao, Krishna Vemuri, P. Venugoala Rao, Sankarambadi, Samdrala Vijayalakshmi, Pammara Seshagirirao, Arudra, Vemuri Venkata Ramanadham, Sri Nagesh, Kovvali Jyothi, Meka Rama Rao, Bhoj, Tirumala Seshacharyulu, A. V. Murali Krishna, Sadhana Venkata Swamy Naidu, Kolagotla Surya Prakasa Rao, Aparna Gunupudi, Sama Ramireddy, Sriramamurthy Daggupati, K. Saroja, Sudarshan Raj, Machiraju Savitri, Gangapalli Jagannadha Rao, Samudrala Baburao, C.H.Ramulu, Suneetha Vankayalapaati, Pranati Kondalaneni, G. Rajeswara Rao, Ramireddy Sama, Kotapati Sambasiva Rao, Aari Sitharamaiah, Chitrapu Prabhakar, Rayali Rajagopal, Narayana Rao, A. Veera Prasad, Murali Mohan Reddy, Meka Rama Rao, Ratna Kumar, Viswanatha Achyutha Rayalu, Mohan, Kamala, Yadavalli Ramakrishna, Sobha, Pratima G. N. Rao, Krishna, Dr. Jyothi, Totakura Appa Rao, Sonti Sarada Purna.

English Writers: P. Venugopala Rao, Bhavaraju, Rajitha Bhavaraju, P. Narsinga Rao, Ramarao, Aari Sitharamaiah, P. Srinivasa Rao, Ushadevi.

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